Happy "Whip and Nae Nae" Friday

Yes the Whip and Nae Nae has fully taken over both my children's lives. They are obsessed. They wake up and ask for it, they ask for it over breakfast, after breakfast, over lunch, after naps, before dinner, during dinner....Well I think I am making my point. One would think that I would be completely repulsed by this song at this point.


I love it. I love it because I get to watch this happen. Every. Single. Time.

Tell me you don't love it.

I dare you!!! Y'all want to go and listen right now I know it.  When it's over, this is her asking for "more" 

This sweet face I couldn't resist. Gah!!!!! I know BEST FRIDAY POST in a while right?!!!!

Hope everyone had a great week getting back to school and starting new routines. 

Happiest of Birthdays - Friday Edition

I just want to leave this week by saying this... There are days in our home where I feel like my head is going to explode with frustration, it's all I can do to keep myself in check. Where Hazel can find the energy and emotion to stage a 45 minute meltdown (like what the?), is completely beyond my scope. And Nola MUST. CLIMB. EVERYTHING. All Day. I must always have something to offer her. A peace offering if you will. Like a cookie, or a drink, or a song, or a toy that's not a toy (kwim?), it's totally irrational.

The girls are hungry, but NO they aren't hungry for THAT.

Pick me UP!!

NO put me DOWN!


There are days when bodily functions pretty much steer my actions for the entire day. Moments where I have to say out loud, "Is that chocolate or poo?" Times where I've had to throw girls in the bath because I am just not 100% sure of the answer to aforementioned question. For example. Here's a text I sent to Matt this week (please don't mistake this as Hazel having any gains in the potty department - we are still at the VERY beginning stages)




There are days, a lot of days, where there's this.


Their love is growing in the most beautiful way. There's lots of laughing fits, hugging, kissing, dancing, chasing, steamrolling and dive-bombing.





I know it was Hazel's birthday but Nola was so excited about it. We must have done the song and the candle 10 times.





All the meltdowns, panic, cleaning, crying and irrational behaviour is just FILLER until I get to the next moments like these.

They are a dream.



Happy Friday.


Happy Friday!!!

Hey Y'all just a quick one today. Same pic that's on our IG feed and Facebook page. I couldn't help it. IMG_7423


Hope this sweetness makes you smile today!!

Trust me they're not always this sweet. As a matter of fact Hazel bit Nola pretty hard this morning on the finger. To be fair, I am not 100% convinced Hazel knew it was going to hurt but there were tears. Lots and lots of tears. Spirits were very low. Nola couldn't believe it happened and Hazel was very upset that she hurt Nola. It was quite sad for both of them actually. After I immediately scolded Hazel for the cruel act, I realized she had no idea that it would hurt. The look on Hazel's face nearly broke my heart. She could barely utter the words "sorry." Needless to say, I can barely think of it without feeling the heart break again and again. Anyhow... #reallifewithsensitivekids

The moments they hug and kiss get me through the times of disaster...



Have a great weekend!!!



Happy Friday!!!

Holiday mode is slowly kicking in over here. Shopping is done, daycare is over, therapy appointments are done, gifts are wrapped, food is bought, and all is well. Just have to wait for Daddy to finish work. Hoping all your holiday prep is just about over so you can enjoy your family and friends. Or even just enjoy a nice cup of tea, coffee, something a little stronger perhaps.

Santa will be here soooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!



Happy Friday!!!!

Happy Friday!

I'm pulling one from the archives this Friday!!! I just love this devilish grin. I get to wake up to this (almost) everyday. Sometimes they are just plain old HANGRY in the morning. What's HANGRY, you ask? Well, it's the condition that occurs when you are so extremely "hungry" you are "angry." HANGRY!!!

I wish I could take credit for the invention of this term but I have to give it to cousin Annie. You see, her and I both suffer from this very serious condition. My kids MUST have, obviously, gotten it from her. Right?!




We finally got a tree the other day and I must admit, something about having the tree up makes the Holiday feel that much more real. The scent of evergreen doesn't hurt either.

These next few pics are from our IG feed. I love LOOOOOOOVE them. They are our first Christmas-y photos of the season (besides the Santa visit that is...YIKES!)





If you come to our house any night of the week past about 6:30 - 7ish, you will almost always find naked - or at the very least - half naked children. Because, you know what? I have probably taken those pants on and off about 20 times by then. Don't judge me!


Happy Friday? It's early...

Lucky for you none of my other posts are ready to go just yet. You get an early Happy Friday. Happy Tuesday or Wednesday depending when you see this!!! I saw this pic of Nola and I had to do a comparison. You remember the Blueberry Post right???




Love their messy little faces!!! Also, I don't think my kids could look any more opposite each other in these pics.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Friday Nola!!!

I did warn you that November here on the blog was going to be dedicated mostly to Nola on account of her turning 1. October was Hazel's for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so it seems only fair. Without further adieu...Here is the happiest baby in the history of all babies to be receiving a cupcake and a song on her special day.





Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! Happy Friday!!!

Happy Halloween Friday!!!!

I present to you.... Little Bo Peep and her little wondering sheep.


I learned that it's super easy to #FAIL when you piece together your own costume. Especially when your plan comes together pretty perfectly and your child (in this example Little Bo Peep) refuses to wear the parts of the costume that make her who she is. The bonnet and the staff. Oh yes, they exist. In fact, they are adorable. However, Hazel really didn't see the point in either and refused to even let me take ONE PICTURE of her in the full gear.

This is not over. I WILL try again.

It's a good thing she's cute...seriously. Nola completely stole the show at the Halloween party. I am obsessed with this costume. Thanks amazon.com for making that easy for me.




PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey CollageN


Closing out Down Syndrome Awareness month. It was a great one!!! I have truly enjoyed reading all the interesting links people have been sharing on their social media channels. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read about DS this month. And an extra special thanks for sharing Hazel on your Facebook pages and blogs. We had over 200 shares on that DSAM pic. GUYS!!!!! That's insane for us!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!

October was all about Hazel. November will be all about Nola. In honour of her first year, I will share her birth story and a general update about her (which will include lots of pics). Then, of course, I will post pics of her birthday celebration. It's unbelievable that my little baby is turning 1.

And with alllllllllll that...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

What can I tell you? We have been having a lot of mom-i'm-gonna-lose-my-s@#t moments around here. You know the ones where they pause for a second, look you straight in the eye, assess the situation, evaluate your emotional state and still go ahead and decide that grunting, growling, thrashing, and screaming is somehow the right choice? Yeah THAT!!!

Thankfully, we have also been having lots of those moments where you literally want to pinch yourself because you think you are dreaming. The girls are CONSTANTLY making us laugh, like always. Nola is really funny, like really. They copy everything the other one does and they both have taken to watching The Voice. It's not uncommon for us to have that show on very loud and the girls dancing and singing along. Evr'ry NIGHT!!!!

Anyway, I'm throwing this Friday back to a 7 month old baby Hazel that was just recovering from open heart surgery. If you are new here, feel free to read more about her VSD surgery here.


Fact for DSAM:

Lots of babies with Down syndrome are born with heart defects like VSD or AVSD (just to name a couple). Modern medicine has made it easier for these children to get the medical attention and repairs they need to fix these defects and let them lead healthy lives. Hazel was lucky to have had her VSD repair young. She's good as new!!!





Happy Friday everyone!!!

Sneak Peek (plus an early Happy Friday)

WE HAD A PHOTO SHOOT!!!!! Another Vita Photography miracle. I will share more soon but for now here is a sneak peek. And seeing as I am heading to Nashville before the sun wakes up tomorrow (ya I am, y'all!!!!) this will have to do as an early Happy Friday too.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Something tells me I will...



Giddy Up!!!


Happy Friday!

I have no idea how I missed posting this pic? One of my favs for sure. These two...ugh. I can't even deal. fri


Also, on another note. I know that it's Down Syndrome Awareness month.

I do, I swear!

I just feel like I am taking it all in at the moment. There's a lot of buzz about DSAM right now on all my social media channels. IG is a big one. Some mamas out there are doing a beautiful job bringing awareness and recognition to the cause. I may even introduce those here one day soon, so you can follow along too.

To tell you the truth I am not quite sure where I want to head this month. I am still making up my mind. There is a battle between celebrating what has become "normal" for us and still trying to advocate for the cause.

Another truth, I sometimes struggle to see Down syndrome as being a "cause." People who have it, deal with it. Families who live with it, love it. Kids grow and change and spread wings and plant roots and - well - I think you get my point.

Anyhow, I think it's important to continue to educate, learn and watch as these incredible little humans find their way in the world. I guess, trying to breakdown stereotypes is still a very real issue in society. Maybe that's where I will focus this month?

All I know for sure is that I can't do it alone. I need you. Your support.

Maybe your contribution this month is to share a useful link about Down syndrome on your social media channels. Share a status you come across, blog about it, tweet about it, post a pic on IG. Maybe it's from Chasing Hazel, maybe it's something you come across on your own (in which case please share it with me too).

Let's work together!!!!

Even only for one month, to try and breakdown stereotypes. Try to spread positive insights and stories about Down syndrome. Not exceptional - positive. There's a huge difference!!!

I know you guys will be into it. You are some of the most caring and loyal readers out there. Much love to you all!!!! And of course, Happy Friday!!!