PhysioTherapy - Developing the Obliques


Here is one simple activity that Hazel does to help develop her "side muscles" or Obliques. Strenthening these muscels will give her more trunk control and ultmilately more stablity when she walking, jumping, balancing and so on.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a physiotherapist. These are activities that were given to Hazel by her PT, and they are meant for her. Please ask your child's PT (or doctor) if this activity seems like something that would be beneficial for your children. Again, I am only sharing for ideas. I am not licensed to give you PT advice for your children.


You will need:

1. A bench/Step stool

2. Toys (anything they are interested in) We use blocks. Hazel loves these.

3. Buckets for putting toys into (depending on toy of choice)


Here is how we do it:

Hazel sits on the Step stool (Step 2 brand) with her legs straddled over each side, facing me. 

The activity I chose to do is build a tower with blocks. I use the big blocks that she needs 2 hands to grab. Hazel loves to build so it's a great motivator for her. We take turns. I build one, she builds one.

I put the block on the ground right beside her foot so she reaches down with that same hand and picks it up. Sometimes she uses both hands which causes her to twist, lean down, grab the block and come back up.

I also put the blocks just past her toes in front of her so that she has to reach her opposite hand over and grab the block causing her to twist. Another stretch would be to put the blocks toward the back of the stool (like to the side and behind her - at her heel) so she has to really use her truck muscles to help her balance, twist, grab and come back up. 

All of the twisting and balancing seems to be great for trunk strengthening. 

I did my best to explain. Like I said I am not a licensed PT - Just sharing a little bit of what we have done. Hope it helps!!!