LOVE Like a Mother

There really are some incredible mothers out there. So many stories of pain, challenge, joy, success. Stories of unconditional love. Love that I don't think any of us even know we are capable of until our children, our universe calls on us.

"Oh hey you, here's a little test...are you broken? Or are you still in? Can you take more?"

Mother's overcome.

Mother's take the cards they are given and turn them into a royal flush. They have this ability to make the bad or scary into this beautiful, selfless love. I have been on the receiving end of this love, not only by my own mother (although especially her) but from all these other women in my life that just know how to LOVE LIKE A MOTHER. Once you know how to love like a mother, or even have the fortune to be loved by a mother, it spills over onto everyone and everything else in your life. It makes you stronger, better, and more confident.

Loving like a mother is hard, extremely emotional work. A battle between the heart and the ego, where the ego often looses. Being a mother teaches you to be humble and kind. To see the world through empathetic eyes and want to make changes simply because it would make someone else happy or feel peace. 

So here's to the all mothers out there who are loving like mothers and as a result teaching us all how to love the biggest love we can. Teaching us how to use that love to forgive, support, encourage, and empower all that we encounter and hopefully, our own children. 

There's not one story to motherhood that's the same. There's not one single definition for what makes a mother. Some are born mothers, yet are still waiting for the child to be placed in their arms. There's beauty in this uniqueness. Being a mother is such an honour. Also, a constant testament to our ability to do hard things. If it's not hard, you're doing it wrong. That we can come together on. If you aren't a mother yet and are wishing to be, your story isn't finished yet. Stay strong 👊🏼  

This child. She's all in. 100% committed to everything she does. She's Passionate. She teaches me to find the joy in the tiniest of things. Also, she brings me to the absolute brink of sanity on a daily basis. It's a true gift!

She's got the sweetest, most magnetic soul I've ever known. Without her I would not know how to love ✨ She created me✨  Not only as a mother - As a wife, a friend, a citizen, a daughter... She is the greatest gift. I will live my life doing everything I can to honour her and make her proud!

Please let these 5 girls know how much they are loved. Let us loving them like mothers enrich their lives in many ways and let them know they always have a safe place to land. Let our love teach them how to love themselves and eventually (in many years) their own children. Let the cycle of LOVING LIKE A MOTHER begin and end and begin again right here, with them. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!!