Easter 2017

There could not have been a more beautiful weekend to have been surrounded by family and celebrating Easter. 

The joy a basket filled with small trinkets brings a child is absolute perfection! So fun to watch them discover everything. 

These little nuggets, I can't get enough of them together.

2016 & 2017 - Nola has her priorities. Had to post this cause it's too funny to have the exact same pic 2 years in a row!

We were outside all weekend long, which really was the true blessing (especially around here at this time of year). The nice weather helps to bring out the very best in everyone and more importantly, gives us the space to run off all the chocolate we have all eaten.

E6 (1).jpg

Hazel has taken to hanging from the bars on the play ground lately. She watches her friends at school and comes home eager to practice on our swing set. Well, this weekend, with a little help, she figured out that she can hang from trees too. Her joy was palpapble. 

Two days that both ended the same. With beautiful skies to remind us to be grateful for our lives, families, health and good fortune. Tucking our kids in their warm, cozy beds with their bellies full, smelling faintly of fresh air and chocolate. Knowing that they felt love, joy and comfort while creating new memories and honouring old traditions. 

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!