WDSD 2017 Around Town

What a huge success again this year!!!

Adults, children, families, schools, businesses, daycare centres, gyms, offices, the mayor, the college, news anchors, EVERYONE - EVERYWHERE you turned was rocking their socks to show love to individuals with Down syndrome this year on World Down Syndrome Day. I was frequently checking in with social media that day and was bombarded with the love and effort everyone was putting in to get the message that Down syndrome is something to be respected and celebrated out there. 

I absolutely loved seeing all your pics and the super cool socks!!!!

Thanks so much!!!!

I am so thankful to live in a community that doesn't hesitate to stand up and show support to all the citizens that contribute a great deal everyday to the society in which they live.

Here's some of the love we saw around town on WDSD 2017. Thanks so much everyone for making the day AWESOME!!!

How cool!!!!!! Our Mayor recognizes WDSD - WOOT!!!!!

Well that wraps up WDSD 2017!!!! Until next year...