"Off to College" March Playgroup

Guys!! I can't even with this group!!! Like every single time I leave I have the biggest smile on my face. I Just love it so much!!!!!!


The kids, the parents, the games, the shenanigans (mostly Nola), the volunteers. I JUST LOVE IT ALL!!!!! A space we are all free to be or do as we please. Some of the parents sit and play with the kids, they do crafts, they hang on the carpet. Some of the parents run out the room and go hang where they can sit and talk to other parents. Thanks to the incredible volunteers that are so happy to play with and chase after (mostly Nola) our children.

Connecting with other families is such a gift. It's so important to be able to talk, share and just be around people who know EXACTLY what your life is like sometimes. Plus parents are the most innovative problem solvers around so often we give each other so many ideas to walk away with in order to enrich our kids lives even more. It's brilliant.

I don't know what else to say about this little playgroup of ours. It's loud. It's fun. It's packed. There's lots of hugging, laughing and "oh-I-know-what-you-mean" looks exchanged. There's babies that swap arms and are loved, and talked to. Who then in turn reward us with smiles and their sweet voices. The kids they run, they eat, they laugh, they play. There's new families that enter the world of Down syndrome with some trepidation and hopefully this group offers them a safe place to land. I literally can't take it. There is love, compassion and understanding everywhere you look. 

What an absolute gift this group is. I am so excited for the next one already. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

On behalf of the newly founded - 

Chasing Hazel Foundation

Thank you to all who donated and helped to make this happen for our families. It takes a village and we live in an incredible one.