OFF TO COLLEGE - February Play Session

Honestly GUYS!!! We had the best time at the last play group. LIKE I CAN'T EVEN!!!! 

First, I have to brag about the volunteers from the ECE/Concurrent Education program at the St. Clair College (where the play groups are held). 


They not only do they LOVE our kids - LIKE ALL OF EM - they are the most lovely people to be around. They are so genuinely happy to be there and hanging out, playing, dancing, playing dolls - literally whatever the kids want to do. Each playgroup we have, I see them become so much more confident with the kids. It really is a beautiful thing to watch. Each of our kids pretty much have their very own buddy for the entire time, which totally frees up the parents to hang with each other and talk. We are free to float around, relax and visit, play with the kids, talk with the volunteers (who are lovely by the way, did I mention that?), there are so many options.

It is the perfect scenario. Everyone wins!!! 

What I love the most (besides the volunteers) is, because the siblings are welcome to come to the playgroup, we've created a fully inclusionary environment. I mean, I know Nola has experience with Hazel who has special needs BUT not every kid with DS is like Hazel. There is a great deal of variation among kids with DS, just as there is with all children. It really gives all the kids a chance to BE TOGETHER, make new friends and experience the diversity that exists in the world of Down syndrome. 

My heart was really full leaving that last playgroup.

Until next time!!! xo