New Habits...2017

This pic here is the very first sunrise of the very first day in the brand new year - 2017. I wish I could say my mental state was at it's best when I caught this beauty but truth was we were up with Hazel starting at 4:30 in the morning. I was so annoyed and tired and just UGHHHHHHHHHH - ya know? And then this happened. And for like a solid 15 minutes my horns retracted and all I could feel was...


To be able to begin a new year with a new sunrise of this magnitude was indeed a gift, a sign of good things to come, a blank slate before us. I have never been as excited to start fresh in any other years prior. And then the rest of the day was a S@&T show. But there was that. 

We are into the new year already. It's always crazy to think about the time passing. It all just happens right under our noses. Myself, I know it's happening because there is a new beginning each morning and a huge sigh of relief every night when I crawl back into bed. That sigh signifying another day done. Add it to the overall tally. All of a sudden it's almost the end, of the first month, of the new year - 2017 is rollin'. 

Well then...2017. Let's do it!!!

I have been quiet here because for me a new year is all about creating some new habits. Not resolutions so much but making the changes that lacked the year before. Changes for our family, for just the girls, for myself, for the community and for overall health and wellness. I've been taking a look at some of the things that need to be added to our daily routines to increase our quality of life. These things don't just come easy to me nor do they come overnight, so I have been letting it all rattle around in my brain for the last month.

Things pop into my head and I, literally, have to write it down because even though I feel so strongly about the changes, they aren't quite a habit yet. I need the daily reminder. I have been really trying to wrap my head around the practicality of having a busy lifestyle AND having the time/energy to make these changes attainable. I have not yet come up with a solution for this attainability, but that's what this last month has been about. 

Setting the TARGETS.

Now for the next bit, it's about the METHOD - how am I going to make this all happen? 

And finally, hopefully, making these changes a HABIT

Overall, making lifestyle changes that stick with us. The goal is to create new habits that come as second nature. I mean, some things may not stick. That's totally fine but I would rather walk away from 2017 with 3 GREAT new habits than nothing at all. 

This is me. The very beginning of 2017 version of me. HEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!

Can't wait to see what 2017 brings to these 5 ladies. It's an honour to watch them grow together. 

Family selfie 2016 - at one of our most favourite places.