Tobermory 2016

I think there are a BILLION pics in this post - like I'm not exaggerating - AN ACTUAL BILLION!!! (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here)

We decided last minute to go on a family trip in August. By 'we' I mean me. The kids had both been sick in July and it basically triggered my fight or flight response. BIG TIME! Flight was the obvious answer on this one. I literally couldn't imagine the thought of facing another winter cooped up, cold and nursing two sick kids back to health for months on end. A change of scenery was a must. Living in Ontario the decision to head north was a no brainer. Tobermory was the destination. It being on the Georgian Bay was 100% of the draw. I was craving that aqua lake so badly that it was literally taking over my brain. It did not disappoint!!! 

You know those vacations or days that you plan to spend as a family?? You get all excited and feel super proud of being the best parent ever cause you're going to log all those special moments, make all the memories, laugh and be merry. Then you get there, to said magical place, and your kids are totally miserable. In turn making you totally miserable. The whole thing wreaks of failure and regrets. Ya feel me?

Well, this vacation was the exact opposite of that.

It was a total WIN for everyone. The kids LOVED it all. It literally was the perfect destination for our family. For 7 days from start to finish we were beach bums. Nuff said right?!! Everyday visiting a new beach, with new sights and different vibes than the day before. The water was crisp, clean and absolutely STUNNING to look at. 

Our first stop on the way was Kincardine. Such a fun little place to stretch our legs. Also, the first beach the girls has been to in a while so they LOVED it. Letting the waves roll in on their legs was like pure joy. They laughed, ran and got their clothes soaking wet cause there was no time for bathing suits. 

Then we got to the most perfect little "A" frame cottage a girl could dream of. Exactly what our family needed. Apparently this was the sunrise one of the mornings. Matt told me anyway. I was on vacation and on vacation you don't wake up in the sixes #liferulesbysteph


The trip was packed with lazy mornings, with lots of coffee and PJs until we left to go on a beach adventure.

T2 (1).jpg

Sunsets looking out over a bay in Lake Huron. So nice!!!

These pics are so blurry but you can still make out the smiles on the girls faces. Priceless!!

Our little pet CHICK-MONK for the week. He was so adorable and super friendly. He would climb right up on our hands to stuff his cheeks full of peanuts. Nola was obsessed. She wanted to hug and kiss and hold him. It was a lot. She would go outside with the peanuts and call him, "Here chick-a-monk, heeeeeeerrrrre" with the raspiest little voice I ever heard. Literally the cutest thing ever!!!! So much so, we still call the chick-a-monk to this day just so she repeats us and says it again and again. 

Nola counted the little airplanes every time we passed the tiny municipal airport. Pretty much everyday. One time, there were 3!!! She was pumped. That butterfly was actually on my hat, which was on my head, about 3 minutes before Matt snapped a pic of it. Pretty magical.

This here is Little Cove. One of my most favourite spots on this earth. It very difficult to just sit on the shoreline and not want to be IN the water. It's just something you want to be a part of, like somehow by entering it you will be cleansed. Baptized perhaps. YES - It's that beautiful.

This is the magical spot where Nola learned the word "benture" - adventure. We hiked a little ways down to this beauty of a spot and hung on with the kids for as long as we could. And then I came back all by myself so I could really take it all in.

Family selfie at Little Cove.

That feeling I felt right there...I can't. 

Little Dunks Bay Beach. SO SOOOOOOO pretty.

Lion's Head. The most perfect family destination ever. EVER! Stop what you are doing and go there...Seriously GO!

Hiking (walking on a very smooth gravel path) down to The Grotto - one of Ontario's top destinations. Such a cool spot to see. A little crowded but still worth a trip. Totally manageable with little kids too.

T7 (1).jpg

We passed a little beach along the way.

This colour - AMAZING!

Little troopers walked all the way back to the car. Over a km I think. So fun!

Tobermory Marina. 

Hazel.....Ok then?! Nobody's ever taken your ice cream before. Nola.....Aren't you supposed to be happy when you eat your ice cream? Clearly we failed as parents somewhere along the line. I feel this may come back to bite me in a therapy session at some point in the future. Likely, Nola's. Sigh...

Sunset with the kids.

Seriously though, not as glamourous as it might seem. We totally had to bribe them with chocolate, cheesies, iPhones, and an iPad. But for a whole 30 seconds they were quiet. Oh and also, I got these pics. WIN. WIN. And #WIN

It will "go down in the books," or so they say. One of those times where you know your kids are logging the happy, healthy, comforting, adventurous memories that will shape who they are just a little bit as adults.