Summer's End 2016

Honestly, I can't even believe how far behind I am on this blog of mine. It's pretty unacceptable actually. Trust me when I say that I have been doing stuff, just not "bloggy" stuff.

Here are a few pics of the annual Labour Day weekend we spend every year with family. Always, closing out a great summer at the cottage with the people we love. Perfect weather, super laid back and lots of time for my kids to laugh and play with their cousins. I actually commented to Matt on the way home, "This is the first year I got to sit down for like a long time." Long enough to get really tired and not motivated to help out AT ALL. My family is lucky to have me #ididntdoONEthingtohelpwiththemeal 

Settling into fall at the moment. The weather and the trees have finally turned. I really have to say though, I enjoyed our extended summer this year. Next post up - APPLES!!