Hazel's "All About Me" JK Book

I made a book for Hazel to bring to school with her. An "All About Me" book. I tried to capture some of her distinct qualities, likes/dislikes and things that best describe who she is. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. She loves to read it and look at the pictures. Total WIN!!!!

After I posted a few pics on IG and FB, many of you asked me for a copy. I thought I would throw it up on the blog as well. Hope this helps you and your babes transition to school successfully. 


As I was writing the book, I kept on thinking about more and more ways that it just made sense for us. Here's what I came up with:

Share Info With Teachers:

The original intent was for it to tell her teachers and EAs a little more about her without having to send a checklist to school with her. Nobody should have to do that. I thought this was a nice, cute little alternative to trying to fit all the necessary info into one conversation on her first day of school. 

Comfort for Hazel:

I thought it might be nice for Hazel to have as a reminder of home. If she was feeling like she needed to see a familiar face she would have the book to refer to. 

A Conversation Piece:

I also thought she could read it with her friends so that they can get to know her a little more. Since she is not as verbal as the rest of the kids, the book with all the pics made perfect sense. It will highlight the words and phrases she does know and aid her in feeling more at ease to speak.

An Ice Breaker:

Realizing that at her age many children don't really notice differences among friends, I thought that if there were any kids in her class curious as to why Hazel doesn't speak clearly, or acts a little different then them, the teachers could read the book with them. It could be a way to open the lines of communication. I feel very strongly that talking OUT LOUD about disabilities is the only way they become understood and accepted. We know Hazel has Down syndrome, we are not ashamed. We want to talk about it.  

Here's HOW I made the book:

1. I created the book in Google Docs.

2. Inserted my own photos.

3. Printed it all on white card stock.

4. Laminated the pages together (back and front so it was shorter).

5. Got it bound. 

Here are some of the pages of the book so you can see what it looks like...

Here is the text that I used. I just copied and pasted it here so you get an idea of what I included in the book

You can also download the book right here to see.


Hazel Seguin

Junior Kindergarten

September, 2016




My name is Hazel.

I am 4 years old.




I have a sister, Nola.


I have a dog, Nico.



This is my

mommy and daddy.



Here is my family.




Daddy is my favourite.

My favourite princess is Elsa.

I know all the words to the song, “Let It Go.”



I also like Tangled, Bee Movie, Hotel Transylvania and Shrek.




I like to colour.

I can make circles, an “H” and a smiley face.


My favourite foods are pizza and pasta. I also love

Goldfish crackers,

cupcakes and CHIPS. Yum!




How could I forget?

Apples too…




I wear braces on my legs to help me feel strong.

I can keep my balance better when they are on.

When I wear them, I can ride my tricycle and

run really fast. Just like my friends!!!




Mommy says I have

Down syndrome.

I think it could mean,

I might need a little extra time to do some things but





She says I am more like other kids than different.




I like to go swimming.




Visits to the park are fun!!




I really LOVE to play with my shadow.




I play outside with my friends.



I like to hang on the bars.



I can read words on my flashcards.



I can talk but sometimes I feel a little bit shy. It could be hard for my friends to understand me. Please just give me a minute, I am trying my best.



I like to hum when I am working or really focused on something.



When I have to do something I don’t want to do, sometimes I yell and shout.

When I get really frustrated, I may even kick or hit. I’m not trying to be mean.



My mom says that all of these things are what make me,




The ways that I am different, make me beautiful.

Just like many of my friends have different hair,

different eye colour or different skin colour.



Although, I don’t FEEL any different from you, I know that I am. I want you to know that I am OK with that because I like being ME.



We are all different and being different is GOOD!!!