Hazel Love Blanket

I am VERY PROUD to be introducing the new Hazel Love Blanket!!!! 

Isn't it the best blanket YOU'VE EVER SEEN???!!!!!!

My  sister in law, Paula - designer of the gorgeous Belamour Collection, approached me with this idea. Her vision was to create a tangible item that equally expressed the love she felt for Hazel as well as exude the love that Hazel gives to others. Since the day Hazel was born with Down syndrome, she has blessed us with her little extra sparkle and peaceful heart. Her Auntie Paula thought it was too precious a gift to keep all to ourselves.

The creation of the Hazel Love blanket is her way of sharing Hazel's sweet gift of wholesome, unbiased LOVE with all of us.  

Paula was also inspired to create this blanket as a symbol of universal and unconditional love. A tangible object to represent the feeling of community and togetherness. Her hope is that this blanket not only provide comfort to those who are wrapped up all cozy in it, but that it serve as a message to others that people with Down syndrome are a blessing to us all. 

In honouring her goal of supporting our friends with the extra chromosome, she has decided to donate $20 from each blanket sale to an organization that is devoted to increasing the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome. 

When she told me about this idea she had, I fell in love with it! Right down to the little Xs on each blanket. They can represent so much: Love, The Xtra Chromosome, Little Girls, Kisses....and on and on. I'm obsessed!

A perfect way to share Hazel's sweet soul with so many people. I hope that if you do find yourself needing a little extra LOVE you will head over to the Belamour Collection website and read more about the Hazel Love blanket.