Cottage Summer of 2016

The summer of 2016 visit to our little slice of heaven in Essex County. It's not only become a place where we get to put it all aside for a time but a place where we welcome friends and family to join us, enjoy the peace with us. They bring themselves, or their entire family and we eat, drink, sit and visit. So chill. Soooooo ideal!!! There's always this little part of me that screaming, "You're kids are logging some pretty sweet memories!!!!!!!!!" and I can hardly stand it. Well this summer visit to the cottage was no different. Beautiful time spent with people we love.

These pics are proof that the girls actually enjoyed the splash pad for the first time ever in their lives. August, 2016 - goes in the books.

We all suffer on a daily basis because Hazel has Down syndrome, especially her Nonna. It's a rough life - really....

NOPE. Not even a little bit!!!

Birdies. Best. Fish. Tacos. EVER!!!!! EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Yeah it's always a fair bit of chaos with us, pretty much no matter what, but there's really nothing I would trade them for. Trust me, I've thought this through. Love these people no matter where, when or how.