Hazel's Preschool Grad

She did it!!!

With minimal tears and protesting - Hazel participated in her Preschool Graduation. Thanks to her lovely teachers for understanding her and making the necessary changes in the program so that it would be a success. Hazel's not a fan of having her routine messed with and is often riddled with anxiety when she doesn't quite understand what is expected of her. Overall, she did wonderful (as long as Miss Jenn was holding her close and hugging her the whole time). She even stopped a few times to give her VERY proud parents a wave to say "HI." And where there's a Hazel milestone, her extremely loving and supportive family is always by her side.

Along side her classmates - Brooke, Anthony and many others she graduated preschool. I can't say enough about how dedicated ALL her teachers are. They literally live and breathe their jobs. They LOVE our kids. They make it their mission to ensure our kids have the best possible day. A day full of learning, playing, dancing, therapy and whatever else is necessary to help our children grow. Such a fantastic group of teachers!!!

Definitely not the most flattering photos of me but sometimes it's not about being picture perfect. Sometimes it's about SHOWING UP. It doesn't matter if you look the part, as long as you are there with your heart bursting our of your chest, supporting your baby on one of the first school milestones she will experience. That's the good stuff. Being there and present. None of us know what the future holds, but what I can guarantee is that I will SHOW UP for her every. Single. Time.

This milestone is a very bittersweet one. It means she has to leave this place (JMCC), this school, these teachers, her therapists - It's too much for this mama to handle actually. I have faith that this is the right thing for her and that I will pass her over to another set of very capable hands in September. Until then, I am soaking up every last minute that she spends in her home away from home.