Let's GO swimming, swimming, swimming...

If yesterday was any indication of how our summer is going to be - I AM ALL IN!!!!

It was one of those really busy BUT REALLY productive days that make you feel like you CAN in fact "do it all." We visited the school Hazel will be attending in September (more on that later) and it was a fantastic first visit. She was confident, comfortable and interested in the new environment. Of course, we are hoping for that to continue as we move forward. For now we take it one day at a time. Yesterday was the perfect start to her transition.

Then we rang in summer in the only way you can in the heat, swimming and splash padding with our favourite gals. So much fun!!!!

The thing that was most amazing about yesterday was that Hazel absolutely stunned us all day long. First with school and then with swimming. This girl has only been in the pool twice this season (this being her second time!!) and a handful last season. We literally put her in the water and she just knew what to do. Matt and I stood there with our jaws literally dropped on the floor as we watched her confidently, and EFFORTLESSLY, jump and move in the water. Go backwards and forwards, and allowing her face to go under the water at times. We were impressed to say the least and SHOCKED! It was so unexpected. We didn't show her, hold her hand, help her, guide her - NOTHING!!! She just got in and did it.

I knew shit was getting real when this quote came out of my mouth,

"Nola do you see what Hazel is doing? You need to watch her and do what Hazel is doing."

And Nola watched and copied and before we knew it she was holding her own in the water as well. She learned from Hazel. Hazel taught her something. She's taught her things before but htis time, It was literally magic.

Hazel has taught Nola other things in the past but usually not where gross motor skills are concerned. For Nola, this area of development has come extremely easy. She walked, ran, jumped, danced and balanced like it was her job and often on the first few tries. For Hazel, she's had to work really hard and usually receives intervention/therapy to learn new gross motor activities. BUT NOT YESTERDAY!!!! NOT IN THE WATER!!!! She got in and owned it. She knew what to do. It was like second nature. I mean, I know there is more for her to learn where swimming is concerned but what more can I ask other then watch her confidently try to get in and negotiate the water all on her own first.

NOTHING - THAT'S WHAT! She's amazing and I am so proud. 

Here's a little summer lovin' from Lilly and Nola. Hope you are all out there exceeding expectations and showing the world your worth.