Summer 2016 Remix

As far as the "summer bucket list" goes, we have wasted no time in starting to tick things off. We can barely wait to live summer time again - the 2016 remix. The girls are bigger, older, and they like different things. I mean in the grand scale we will probably do a lot of the same bucket list things as last year, but this year those same old things will be brand new all over again. Life with growing children can do that to you indeed. They keep a park we've been to a million times exciting every time we go. They get a little more brave, more able to do the bigger slides and be pushed higher on the swings. It's so legitimately fun to watch them experience joy. I have laughed so much already at the joy that is kids (I have also cried at the terror that is kids as well but that just just fit into this post full of joy and butterflies...onward).

The girls are rarely indoors on the nice days - meaning little to no TV - meaning mommy is very happy. I don't HATE the TV, not in the slightest. I just HATE a lot of TV. I am certainly a European in that I truly believe that children must be outside every single day in order to grow. Let's just say nothing makes me feel like a better mother than when the girls can be outside playing, using their imaginations and breathing in fresh air (well that and when I sneak vegetables into their food - suckers!!!). 

Looking forward to this scene over and over and over again this summer. I was smiling too, just for the record.

Happy summer planning to you all!!!