April Showers

I feel that that there's this pull right now to "disconnect", to put our phones down and walk away. Or if you are anything like me, to bury it deep in a drawer somewhere so you can't hear the vibrating, dinging, whistling and whatever distracting noises that call out to us. We should go play with our kids, or clean our houses, walk the dog, read a book, make the world a better place or whittle something out of wood with our own 2 hands. I feel like I keep logging on to social media and reading about all the "disconnecting" and "unplugging" that's happening on said social media outlet. I don't know I just overall feel, confused. What should I be doing? Unplug? Connect? Go old school and make something with my own two hands? Or should I pick up my phone and check in on all the amazing friends we have made and their absolutely amazing kids. See the latest blog posts, or keep updated on the recent philanthropy efforts. I don't know...

The real question is the blog - Like is blogging still a thing? Or are we so unplugged that we don't have time for a blog as a distraction anymore? Or maybe I just feel uninspired at the moment. Or maybe it's the 2 tiny humans I live with and "work for" that are leaving little to no time for the luxuries in life like (and now I want you to imagine me using air quotes while reading this next line) "blogging" or "sitting" or "showering" or "peeing alone" or "keeping it cool" - oh, wait - have I said too much?

I digress....

So here we are in April and needless to say there has been crickets chirping around here. If you happen to be among that part of society that is still plugged in, WELCOME!!!! Nice of you to stop by.

Nola and I went on a trip to see some family up in Peterborough a bit ago. Matt couldn't come and negotiating two kids seemed a bit of a difficult task. Nola seemed like the reasonable choice. While it was amazing to see and spend time with our fam, it quickly became apparent that Nola was the wrong choice. She was a nightmare. Completely unreasonable, totally irrational, refused to sleep in her own space. Then when I let her sleep in bed with me, I ended up huddled in the fetal position all the way at the foot of the bed (picture any common house pet). All the while, Matt was sending me pics/texts of him and Hazel out and about spreading joy and happiness everywhere they went. Let's just say I had regrets.

Who let the Hot Mess into the candy store??? And yes she was a hot mess, temper tantrums and all. I feel I may have set her up for failure with the T shirt. Still, she must assume some of the responsibility. But then I gave her an M&M and chocolate covered pretzel so then I guess the onus was back on me. FAIL!!!!

This is the pic I was sent from Matt. It kinda seems she's having a little chuckle at my expense. Like, "AHAHAHAHA mom!!! You brought the wrong kid!!!!"

We still have lots of little projects on the go from our kitchen reno, that turned into much more. My vision and Matt's work lead to the most perfect Douglas Fir shelves in the kitchen. We are in love!!!!

Nola is always being forsaken - just ask her.

She is obsessed with bugs and creepy crawlies of any kind. Every insect she calls "NicoBug" She is always on the hunt for NicoBug and want to hold her, hug her and kiss her (yes it's always a her). As soon as she spots one she screams, "Look at her!!!!"

I mean ZERO explanation necessary...

Matt had a work function so we escaped for one night to Toronto. We were able to talk to grown ups all night!!! It was so lovely to catch up with so many of his colleagues and friends. There's a definite story about the bus. Long story short, I thought I was taking a selfie and because of the glare I couldn't see that I forgot to turn the camera around.

These 2 gals are most certainly keeping us busy on the home front. Nola is a work in progress and we are hoping to one day see some positive results from all the disciplining that is done around the house. When we are out, she's perfected the make 'make-mommy-look-like-a-complete-and-utter-flustered-mess' act down to a science. In fact, when I am with her I almost always feel like there's nothing that I could possibly do to convince on-lookers that I am actually an intelligent and organized person. Hazel on the other hand, is such a sweet little lady. When we go anywhere it's usually smiles and sweet little greetings for all the people we come across. And yes she has her moments as well, but they just seem a little less "ragey" than Nola's moments. Good thing I'm not into comparing. Let's just say I was, Hazel would have more pluses in the "PRO" column. Gotta love 2 year olds.

The love they have for each other grows daily. I will often stumble upon a scene of them kissing and hugging each other. I also stumble upon scenes of yelling, hitting and pushing but the good is creeping up on the bad. They are starting to have little conversations with each other now. It's pretty adorable.

OK - onward. Happy Friday!!!!