World Down Syndrome Day 2016

WDSD 2016 was a HUGE success!!!!

We had so much support out there in the community rocking their socks and making the commitment to educate people about what it really means to have Down syndrome. Down syndrome is just a small part of what makes people who they are and I feel the message was heard loud and clear on WDSD this year. People with Down syndrome were recognized for the valuable role they play in the community and for how much have to offer the world. We celebrated individuals with Down syndrome that have attended school programs, gone to college, obtained gainful employment, and who live everyday just as the rest of us do.

Here is the media coverage we were able to generate before and on WDSD 2016:

The Windsor Star - The Chance to Celebrate beautiful Lives -

The Windsor Star - St. Clair College Students Rock Their Socks for World Down Syndrome Day -

CTV News gave us a shout out and well as AM800 CKLW - WOOT!!!!

I have added some pictures that we were tagged in or that used the #chasinghazelwdsd2016 hashtag. I am so sorry if you don't see your pics here. I was trying to stay on top of it but we had so many tags!!!

IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you kindly to everyone who participated.

Very thankful to live in a community of people who accept and love so freely. Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2016!!!