Diamond in the Rough

It's always about this time of year we start to feel cabin fever set in. We have been trapped indoors for a couple months now, with the odd day outside here and there, but certainly not on the regular. This morning I woke up to an ice storm. Feeling defeated is an understatement.

I was out running errands yesterday and everyone around me just seemed angry. Well the guy who "shhhhhed" Nola in Home Depot - he actually was angry. When I went all mama gangster on his ass he was really pissed. I was all - HELLLLL Naw -  "you don't shhhh my kid." I mean all she wanted was a bag of chips (that I was using to bribe her to sit in the cart like a good little angel while I got what I needed - which as it turned out they didn't have in stock). SO that was fun. Let's just say it ended with him turning down his hearing aid and me giving Nola 2 bags of chips. But the moral of the story was...

I actually went to AND SURVIVED a trip to Home Depot with my kids (insert thumbs up emoji)

So today I am going to think back a few days when we were extremely lucky to get out for a wonderful day spent with our family at the cottage. The sun was shining, the temps were high and the girls all had an absolute blast. It was a rare beauty, that day. The kind of day that promises more days exactly like it are just around the corner. The kind of day that gives you a little gleam of hope that the winter is almost over. The kind of day where you can almost hear spring politely knocking and welcoming itself in with a basket full of daffodils and tulips. I imagine, it's kind of like seeing that shiny little diamond off in the distance surrounded by a pile of ruble. This is the day that is going to get me through all the rest of the days until I am watching the tulips poke through the freshly thawed ground.

I know they say that fairy tales only exist in the fantasy land of books and movies. They say that real, honest and true love isn't a "walk-off-into-the-sunset" kind of reality. Well, whoever said that doesn't know these 5 girls. I guarantee you that this is the happy, "walk-off-into-the-sunset" fairy tale ending every. Single. Time.