Merry Christmas of 2016

Here we are once again. About to shut it all down and just let it unfold. We prepare. We cook (well some of us cook), we shop, we bake (well some of us bake), we stress about making sure everything is perfect, we decorate, we craft, we watch Christmas movies, we sing and dance. When the time comes we settle in and just let it all happen.

This year I got to watch that little ball of magic that lives inside children take shape in the girls. This year they were excited to see the lights, the Christmas decorations, and even to visit Santa. As any of you know that have been with us a while, my girls have not had a great rapport with Santa over the years.

This year they were the perfect amount of hesitant. A little nervous but nothing they couldn't overcome with a few quiet minutes to really let it all sink in. They were so EXCITED to meet Santa this year. Lots of pointing and high fives. Nola wouldn't sit on his lap but hey, I get that. I respect it. When we left him she was so happy. Right before she went through the door she turned and said, "Merry Christmas Santa" in her most excited and thankful voice ever. I am alive to tell about it, but just barely I assure you. Hazel kept looking at him and waving. Flashing her million dollar smile. The smile that renders you helpless, you fall in love with her. It's her superpower. Like you know how vampires can 'compel' people to act, well she can compel people to LOVE, just by flashing them that sweet smile. I think this might be my cue to stop binge watching The Vampire Diaries. I digress...

It is such an honour to get to be a parent. We get to live the magic through them, lead them to it and watch it grow into belief and joy. Yeah, sure, parenting is also changing the sheets cause your kid was sick on them last night, and on you. It's about staying up nights on end to make sure they sleep well. Tis the season after all. The season for celebrating but also for nursing back to health. Maybe having both the very hardest moments of parenting juxtaposed with the very rewarding moments of parenting makes the reward taste that much sweeter. All I can say at the moment, as I sit here in the total quiet, I am choosing to feed the magic. Let's see just how big we can make it grow.

These two gals have a way of feeding the magic that lives inside me as well...

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season celebrating (or not celebrating) in exactly the way you feel is right. Whether surrounded by family and friends or alone, I wish you joy, love and health. 

Merry Christmas Chasing Hazel fam!!!!!