These Gals...

I know I have gushed about the girls several times here in the past. I also know that I have been very real here about the girls as well. The good, the bad and the ugly (or so they say). However, every now and again the girls go through a phase that makes all those 'ugly' times so worth it. Embracing these moments must be how we survive. Realizing these moments are happening is how we stay present. We appreciate them and we know we are at a peak. 

Lately, every single day when Hazel gets home from school, they giggle as one starts running towards our bedroom. Somehow, the other knows EXACTLY where they are supposed to be headed. Immediately they get up to start running and giggling with who ever started it that time. And the pitter-patter of their feet and the giggling is enough to make me stop whatever I am doing and follow along with them. Laughing right behind them. I have turned the stove down many-a-time in order to follow them in this moment. 

When I get into the room they are always on the bed. It's the activity of choice that is different every time. They could be jumping. They could be singing. They could be laughing. They could be jumping AND signing AND laughing. I call that the "how-long-can-I-let-this-go-before-I-am-risking-an-injury" move. They may be counting to 3, then falling, then laughing. I like to call this the "its-all-fun-and-games" move.


AND SOMETIMES, just sometimes they may even be laying or sitting, hugging and staring into each others eyes. Saying things like, "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or any other magical phrase you can think of. I start to feel my heart fluttering and my eyes turn into hearts. I like to call this one the, "we-are-trying-to-make-mommy-give-us-another-baby" move. For 30 seconds I am fully on board with this 3rd baby idea. Until the hugging becomes squeezing, the caressing becomes pinching, the kind words become, "STOP" or "DON'T TOUCH ME" and I'm confident that 2 little girls can be enough.

These ladies have been good for the soul lately. They are adding just enough spirit and magic to the upcoming season to turn even the Grinchiest of Grinch's into a Carol Singing Elf. As I age my faith grows stronger and stronger. Maybe it's the simple fact that I am getting older. Maybe it's because the more life experience I gain, the more I can see God's hand in everything - A sunset, sunrise, a kind gesture, a smile, a sweet child in Hazel's class. I see the beauty and the greatness in all of it. I appreciate it. I respect it. Most importantly, I know I am NOT entitled to it. This greatness is a gift and I have gratitude for all that I am given. 

I have been stumbling on them sitting and leaning on each other almost daily. Nothing is ever so clear to me in that moment than God's presence in our lives. These 2 were hand crafted for each other. Destined to be together. They likely have been to together many lifetimes before this one and will be for many after (if you believe in that kinda thing). This is love. REAL, fairy tale, true LOVE.

If they were all I had in the entire world (their daddy included) - nothing else at all - I would feel like I was given too much. And to think I have so much more. Feeling all the gratitude today folks.

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Heading into this Holiday season ready to share love and spread joy.