Frankenmuth, MI

Last week we were gifted the very coveted gift of family time. On a whim, we hopped in the car and drove a couple hours north to a magical place called, Frankenmuth, MI. The whim being the operative word. We all know the best laid plans...blah. Turned out it was a really REALLY great idea. We had the BEST day!!! So much fun!!!

The weather was perfect. It happened to be the very last warm, sunny, cozy day of the season. Thee most perfect day for running around and exploring a cute little town, with cute little shops, yummy restaurants, super fun parks and streets lined and FILLED with Christmas lights and decorations. We all came home with the a little more Christmas spirit, ready and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

Little did I know at the time, that that little trip we took on Friday would set the tone for the best weekend we had in a while. Lots of hanging out at home, playing together, singing, dancing, shopping, cleaning, organizing and just overall life. We got to LIVE TOGETHER. Be together. 

Truth is, most of the time, parenting is hard. It's ugly. Even though we are home a lot with our kids, we don't often spend the kind of time together where we are all happy, content, and present. There are so many things that distract us these days. It was lovely to be able to focus all our energy on just living with the kids. No agenda. Just us. Present. 

This was taken directly from my IG page...

The thing I find about parenting, is the lack of 'quality' time you ACTUALLY spend with your kids. It's like an illusion that once you have the kids, every second you spend with them is going to be grand. Truth is, when I have time to sit and play with them, they want nothing to do with me. When they want to play with me, my attention needs to be spent elsewhere- cooking, cleaning, hiding 😬 But every now and again all the stars align and the illusion becomes very real. This weekend the stars did not disappoint. We lived the illusion 💫🌟🌖🌟💫 And most of it was spent right at home 🏡✨