CDSW Day 6 - Aksel

This here, is Aksel. He is the whole package; smart, loving, handsome. The kid has it all. Hazel and Aksel are the same age, so I have had the pleasure of watching them play and grow together over the last 4 years. Oh and he also gives the BEST HUGS ON THE PLANET!!!!

Elizabeth, Aksel's mom, has blessed me with her friendship as well. It would not be uncommon for me to text her with a question about Down syndrome, reading tips, potty training, healthy meal ideas, anything that I'm confused about really. HA! We laugh all the time cause we are so entirely different but yet, we respect each other deeply for being who we are. Often, her opinion allows me to see something that I would never have thought on my own but makes perfect sense. I truly value her for all the ways she chooses to raise her son, for all the things that make us different and for all the guidance she has given me to this point. Also, I'm a tad obsessed with Hazel and Aksel #allthehearteyes

Elizabeth shares this with us...

Meet Aksel.
He's four years old.
He's bilingual (English and Finnish), and learning French.
He’s reading at third grade level.
He loves drumming, swimming, gymnastics, climbing,
... and did I mention reading? He LOVES reading.
He loves puzzles.
He loves animals.
He likes to jump from high places.
He goes to school at the local Montessori – fully included, and independent.
He's a great traveler.
He loves to learn.
He's healthy.
He's smart.
He's silly.
He's empathetic.
He's loving.
His smile is contagious.
He laughs with his whole body.
He loves kisses and hugs.
He's a perfect little boy.
Xoxo Mom & Dad

You can find Aksel on Instagram at @allstar.aksel - You are going to want to head over there and follow OBVI!!!

Tell me you are not totally in awe of this kid's skills!!!!! What did I say? He's got it all!!!

Thanks for sharing Aksel with us today!!!!