The Princess Halloween of 2016

This year the kids didn't really choose their costumes but I knew what I had to do. I mean Nola is a princess gal - nothing I can do about it. She LOVES EM. For her, the decision was easy - Sleeping Beauty. Hazel doesn't love to dress up BUT she is in this phase where if another kid is doing it YOU BETTER LET HER DO THE EXACT SAME THING. She forced my hand and Hazel as Princess Elsa was born. 

I really wanted to do something super cute like we had in the past but they are who they are and who am I to get in the way of that. 

So it's somewhat warmer this year than it has been in the past and it's NOT RAINING, which is a HUGE deal!!! 

We continued our tradition of Trick-or-Treating with the girls cousins. They all had so much fun!!! Nola was like a boss going up to everyone's door, knocking and yelling, "Trick-or-Treating!!!!!!!" She did't really stick around to chat at first but as the night went on she would tend to stick around a little for some small talk. Especially if she was scared of someone's decorations. She would take the candy and then tell them that, "I don't like that. It's TOO scary!!" There were houses she just refused to go to period. Others I had to carry her to the door cause she wanted the candy but she was too scared.

Overall, I think she learned a very important lesson. Always go where the candy is even though it looks really scary. FAIL!!!! At one point a strange man even offered to take her to the front to get candy and she obliged cause he had a baby too. YIKES!!! Back to the drawing board with this one.

HazelH1 (1).jpg

Hazel lasted a whole of 2 houses last year before Matt had to go sit in the car with her so this year was a huge improvement (if we consider going trick-or-treating to more house as improvement?) Anyway, she had a lot of fun, so that's something. She went to the first house, got a bag of chips and sat in the wagon until they were done. Next house, new bag of chips. Repeat. She did eventually get out and totally LOVED going up everyone's steps, holding her bag open and getting whatever treats people were kind enough to give. She wasn't scared of the decor and even stopped to play with this rather freaky looking thing, stick her finger in it's mouth and laugh a little when it chomped down on her hand (not hard of course). Too funny!!!

It was a ton of fun and lots of laughs. Nola didn't wake up with nightmares so that a win. I was sure she was going to sleep with us last night. You never know how this fear and scarring is going to manifest itself. I am sure that her therapist will hear all about it in the future. "Your welcome future therapist, I'm sure you are enjoying the European vacation on account of Nola's repeat service."

If nothing is obvious by now, it's that I am pretty obsessed with these 5 gals. Another successful, safe year ladies. Much love and gratitude for that.

Happy Halloween 2016!!!!