Please read this email below. It's from Jim who has been to Haiti several times and is trying to make contact with people there and at that orphanages he is involved with. 



A shipping container is going out in 6 days. Please consider dropping off any of the thing listed in the email below.

Good Morning Everyone,

I have finally spoken to our driver Enock this morning.  He and his family are safe, but many others are not.  He told me that his 2 brothers and family living in a tent city outside of Pettionville have been washed away.  The tents could not withstand the 140 mile/hour winds and constant rain.  Enock says there are thousands of people missing, not sure if they were washed away or fled to a safer area.  Enock says it is mass chaos in Port au Prince and surrounding areas.  He has no power and he believes all power in the region is out.   He has not been able to get to any of our orphanages to check on our kids because the roads from the hill he lives on are washed out and no tap-taps (Haitian version of a very cramped taxi)  are running at this point.  I have also been in contact with Pastor William this morning ( the pastor that helped us with our meal event) but he has not been able to make contact either from Tampa.  He believes that many of the camps, especially in the south would have been washed away.  These tent cities were already run down with rotted canvas everywhere.  High winds and rain would have caused instant destruction and wide spread flooding.  Remember, Haiti doesn’t have a North American sewage system.

I will continue to push for answers from our 3 orphanages and I hope to learn more today. In the meantime, our GFX team is getting ready two 40 foot containers of food, hygiene products, clothes and medical supplies.  We are trying to get everything loaded within the next 6 days to get them on the water.  I will fly into Haiti as soon as its safe to travel there to check on our kids and dear friends.  I would think it is a very dangerous place to be today as people will be desperate for food and possibly medical supplies. Desperation causes people to do crazy things.  I haven’t yet spoken to my bodyguard Valcourt, but I’m sure he would not allow me to travel to Haiti at this point.

Please continue to pray for the beautiful people of Haiti.  If you are in Windsor and have some clean clothes, hygiene products, rice or pasta, we would greatly appreciate it if you stopped by our GFX offices in the next few days with anything you think would be helpful for these poor, poor people.  We will load them onto one of the 2 containers and ship everything in the next week.  I pray this is not as serious a situation as it sounds like, but communication is so poor there, so its impossible to really comprehend what is happening.  The people of Haiti just cannot catch a break.  

Thank you so much!


Please email me, Facebook message me a chasing Hazel, call me, text me - ANYTHING! If you have anything you can manage to get together quickly for he people of Haiti