7 Days In

2016. Well then - Hello there! You kinda just barged into my life quickly and without knocking (I'm getting a Kramer busting through Jerry's door image at the moment) so I guess - WELCOME.

What can I say about 2015.

Let's start by saying, we literally filled it to the brim with new experiences. We vacationed, we relaxed, we renovated and above all we had about a zillion dance parties. We celebrated birthdays, holidays and the normal everyday routine. The girls are growing, thriving and learning. I am incredibly thankful for that. Everyday they change. Everyday they grow. I am finally starting to see that even the bad days are days they get a little older, a little bigger than the day before. I put them to bed and I silently take note that this is a day we will never live again. Sometimes feeling so VERY grateful the challenging day is coming to a close, with a vow and prayer to make tomorrow a better day and other days feeling a little melancholy heart ache about the time spent ending. I'm mostly thankful for bedtime, but sometimes I miss them when they sleep.

I can't even begin to wrap my head around the change that has taken place over the last 365 days. I do know I am thankful for the opportunities we have taken together. At this moment, I am even thankful for the really hard, pull your hair out, everybody crying together days that make the days that aren't like that seem glorious (ask me again when I am in the midst of one of those days and the sentiments may change a tad than a day when I am sitting alone in a coffee shop, children in daycare).

One of my favourite things to do in the new year is look back at the IG posts from the last year. It takes me a few days to really get through it all (hence the post 7 days in) and really remember the year's experiences. It's a year in snapshots, usually of all the biggest moments.

In conclusion, 2015 was a fantastic year.

I can't help but see that our cup - forget the cup - BUCKET runneth over. I am looking forward to what 2016 will bring. I love the mystery. I love not knowing exactly what opportunities will arise, which path we will go down. I know there will be talks of school for a little gal named, Hazel (I CAN'T), there will be family vacations, new friends to meet, and new community endeavors to be had. Moving forward is a good thing, a positive thing even - but even more important is remembering to be grateful and appreciative for what we have already been given.

Thank you 2015 - you were kind, gentle and considerate. You will be missed and thought of fondly in years to come.

Happy New Year everyone. To new beginnings. To being our best selves. And to knowing we are already enough.