Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast

We had a blast.

So it's over. That all. I must have blinked somewhere around June and opened my eyes to backpacks and cool breezes. The girls were super fun this summer. We spent many a day in our back yard (cause it's the easiest considering I have 2 children who given any freedom at all run in opposite directions into pure danger). Nothing like a cardboard box to keep the fun coming all season long.

Lots and LOTS of "SWERCLES." Nola doesn't comprise on comfort - EVER! She'a always asking for a pillow and blanket to snuggle with. She has both in her crib already.  

The girls absolutely love running around the backyard at Nonna and grandpas. Lots to get into. So much room to roam around. Zio Brent has been the go to outdoorsman for exploring little critters that mommy refuses to touch. Frogs, crickets (yeah I'm not that girl - don't judge me).

Lots of time spent with the cousins this summer.

Something that really shocked me this summer was how much the girls both learned how to negotiate the park. When we started visiting back in the days of newly warm weather they were so much less confident on the equipment. Now they are pros. Also, not sure why Hazel looks like such a big girl in this pic but I am sure I don't like it one bit.   

This kid thinks she famous. PERIOD.

Labour Day celebration at the cottage. We talk about the past summers events and the future school year coming up.

She walked up every single step by herself. 

The one time my kids actually enjoyed a splash pad the entire summer was at the very end. Always next year I suppose.

3 Italians + 40 lbs of peaches = Peach crisp for everyone!!!!

She's a fan. Eating the topping by the bowl full.

Obligatory toddler in her baby cradle photo. No child's photo album is complete without this picture in it.

Hope you all enjoyed whatever these last few months have given you. If you are in Australia - GIVE ME MY SUMMER BACK!!!!! I kid...Looking forward to fall and all it's treasures.