Soft Glow

WOOT!!! Here we are again in October. The month that dedicates all of it's 31 days to celebrating Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!!

It's a great time for social media. Bloggers write special posts, IG parents dedicate their space to educating the world about those that they love with Down syndrome, videos are made, and songs are written. I am so proud to know what this month means. I am proud to be a part of it and I am honoured to do all that I can to try and raise awareness, empathy and education about those with Down syndrome. 

I have a few goals this month but really I feel that this space is one that encourages acceptance all year. I know I don't always blog about DS  specifically but that really does speak volumes for how DS works in our homes. Down syndrome does not walk around with neon flashing lights, it's more of a soft glow that you can only just barely see when there are no other lights on. Sadly, I wish I could say that was the case for the rest of the world.

So I choose to share my life, my children and our love in hopes of dulling down that neon flash that people see when they encounter an individual with Down syndrome and turn it into the soft, enhancing glow that we know it as in our home.

Thanks for your support this month!!!! 


One of the moms I follow on IG worked her booty OFF to get this (1 of 2) video ready for DSAM. I am so proud to have both my kid on it at about the 2 minute mark. My heart was beaming watching all of these sweet kids. This here is what Down syndrome brings to our lives everyday. Have a look...