Changing the Face of Beauty

There's this wonderful campaign going on right now called... 

Changing the Face of Beauty 

At the beginning of 2015, Katie Driscoll set out to find 15 companies willing to use models of all abilities in their advertising. She has now secured over 100 companies (Bellalulubaby is one of them!!). This campaign is gaining a great deal of attention and momentum. I could not be more proud of this woman that I have never met. It is probably one of my favourite movements right now. This needed to happen, it was necessary. Our community needs to see how diverse we are as a society. How we all live together, stand together.

Creating inclusion in advertising only makes sense as one of the next steps to create awareness, acceptance and equality in our society.

Please hop over to Katie's Facebook page HERE and website HERE to read more about this beautiful campaign and see how you can get involved. This pic was reposted from Katie's, Changing the Face of Beauty IG page. The caption for this photo reads:

My inspiration. The face that reminds me that being included in our visual world matters. Katie


Here is the link to the article I wrote that expresses why I believe it is important to shift our focus to INCLUSION in all aspects of advertising. Please head over to the CTFOB blog to read my thoughts:

It's the right time. It's the right place. Let's do it!

Thank YOU Katie for dreaming this up and making it happen. You are an inspiration to me and words will never amount to the appreciation and gratitude I have. I know you are making this world a better place for my daughters. You are creating an opportunity to change feelings of inadequacy into to feelings of acceptance and LOVE

 Amen to raising a child with special needs in the year 2015. 

Please go to Changing the Face of Beauty Facebook page and website to see how you can help be a part of this movement.