I have been working on some really cute, happy, loving - adoring even - posts about the girls the last little while but the truth is, this week I really can't continue to write these 'adoring' things about my children because well this week has been a rough one. And to top it all off, I just realized that it's Wednesday (AND WEDNESDAY IS NOT OVER!!!!). 

Here goes...

Monday morning starts and I try in all my supermom fashion, to bring my kids swimming at their Nonna's. Of course I didn't get the memo that they didn't feel like swimming on Monday morning. Sunday afternoon they had a blast. Monday NOPE! Disaster.

Note to self: No future swimming endeavours will be planned for the rest of the summer - EVER!

Tuesday morning I had a quiet morning planned in which I got to clean the house - AMAZING!!! Then when I finally sat for my coffee. I set the girls up outside with a pool, water and toys. Nola, the little opportunist she is, decided I needed ice cold water poured on my feet. A bit shocking the first time but over time it became quite refreshing. 

Note to self: Have coffee a safe distance from freshly filled kiddy pools

Now this morning, that was the real kicker. Hazel was in daycare so I thought I would be a good mother again and take Nola to a cool splash pad, tiny kid pool and a huge play yard (clearly not obeying my first "note to self"). Also, where she could hang with her cousins. The one and only single thing she cared about was having a popsicle. Not the splash pad (which I kinda figured), not the little wade pool, not the slide or play yard. She was somewhat into her cousins at least but still they were giving a lot more than she was. Good thing they just love her no matter how cray she acts.

Note to self: No future outings to the wade pool will be planned under any circumstances. Also, BUY POPSICLES.

Just want to point out, that is not a bad pic of her, that's her face. She's very impressed.

And the very best part of the day today occurred when we picked up Hazel from daycare. This I have in text form so you can just read that. I am constantly in shock about the content of my texts when it involves my kids. This one I thought I would share. I mean just so you know you can't make this stuff up.

Like I can't tell you how absolutely embarrassing it is to have your children systematically break down your dignity and every ounce of control you have over life in about 5 minutes time #thestruggleisreal 

Once, I finally get to the car (which is a short walk through a parking lot with 2 children who really have no interest in listening to me) Nola is doing that screaming, twisting, hitting, arching thing they do when they don't want to get in the carseat. The fun never ends.

Here is what I was left with... Train wreck city down here.

Note to self: No future outings will be undertaken until the "leash" for Nola has been secured. 

Addendum: Hazel is an angel and somehow ends up the victim of her sisters wrath.

Now I am going to spend the next half hour or so looking at and purchasing very pretty things from one of my favourite IG shops, Fancy Free Clothing Boutique. I love their pieces and I love that it's a family run business, 3 sisters and their mama. Very sweet. I love supporting these types of shops. Please check them out - right now!!!! The IG handle is "fancyfreeshop"

Note to self: Shopping makes everything better. Especially really pretty girly dresses.

Wednesday is almost over people. Friday is next right?