The Family Circus

Wasn't there a comic strip named the family circus? I think I vaguely remember it. One sec… going to Google it.

Yes there was… (photo curtesy of 

Ok so why do I bring this up you ask? What does the title of todays post actually mean? Here it goes...

We have become the Family Circus!!!!

It's us. Except for we only have 2 children, which seems weird with the precursor "only" because I feel like we have 10 kids. Especially when we are outside, which is particularly when we become the family circus. Lately our neighbors have had the pleasure and luxury of watching us try to wrangle our children in somewhat of a heard (Nico in tow) while we are out taking our evening walks. You know the ones that "tire the kids out"? Yeah, the ones that end up tiring out the grown ups - YUP those. 

Indulge me. So we are outside walking on the street (we literally have zero traffic) and our children are free to run where they please - within reason. By "reason" in this case I mean, whichever direction they choose, any driveway of their choice and their favorite of all, the neighbors front porches. They run, they walk, Nola does this weird runny, bouncy, tip-toey, swingy thing when she's moving (to the best of my knowledge it's 'running'). Thanks goodness our neighbors are more like a big family and they are all smiles when the kids pop up on their porches. It does concern me a little when we walk on the other streets in our neighborhood and they attempt to visit those porches. No one has come out with a shot gun yet so #winning.

SEEEEEEEE - FAMILY CIRCUS!!!! Someone call Barnum & Bailey. If you want to see the act it starts around 6:30 with only 1 showing per evening cause the trainers are too tired to offer a second show. NO encore!

Other than all that fun and trying desperately in between rain storms to clean up our yard, we have managed to have some fun. It's rained so much this year that our choices are stay inside - which is a NO GO for me - or to just go and play in the rain.

Hazel and I had so much fun outside splashing in the puddles, running up and down the street, the neighbors even came out to smile and and laugh along with us (while staying dry). It reminded me of being a kid again. We used to have this tiny ditch in front of our neighbors house that would fill with water almost every storm. If you needed us, thats where we would be. None of us had swimming pools so the dirty, muddy, 1 foot ditch was perfect for us. If I do my job right as a mom, I'm hoping my kids will have that same memory to carry with them as adults. 

I'm not sure but I think we #nailedit. So. Much. Fun!!!

Nola is not really the type to shy away from a mess. As you can see here...

I LOVE how she doesn't think dirt is gross yet. She just wants to play. I, of course, knowing that it's dirt immediately react by taking her out and try to get her interested in something else. Until I remember that it's just dirt, she doesn't know it's not really for playing. What if she wants to become a geologist, or an archeologist, or a gardner, who am I to tell her dirt is gross.

Have at it little one - become who you are going to become. I promise to try not to let who I've become get in your way.

I think I might need reminding along the way but I promise to try my best.

They adore this little area we built for them in the back yard. They know it's for them. They LOVE that it's for them.

She thinks it's really hilarious when she splashes me with water. Like really HILARIOUS!!!

I have a couple more pics of this little devilish grin, but I thought I would save them for Friday. Yes they get better, and more devilish. I'm in trouble.

Have a great week everyone!!!