Happy Souls, Healthy Hearts

We just had a visit with Hazel's cardiologist and the verdict was better than we could have ever expected. 

Her heart is perfect!!!!

Before her heart surgery it was a mess, and after it was slowly healing. She always had a few areas that the doc was watching to make sure no problems were developing. Nothing major, just keeping an eye on it (AND that's why I LOVE our cardiologist!) When we went in last week, he reported to us that those small issues had resolved themselves and that her heart was functioning all in the "NORMAL" range. Precisely where I want the numbers in reference to my baby's heart to be - NORMAL!!!!

No going back for 2 years and I'm pretty sure he just wants to keep seeing her because he loves her. AND I CAN TELL!!! He adores her. I adore him. I love the way he looks at Hazel first as a child, he looks at her as a whole. All 34lbs and 101cm of her (when your baby was once in failure to thrive you never tire of seeing her weight and height increase with every doctors visit. Oh Yes - of course we had to weigh Nola too - 27.9lbs and 88cms). He looks at her face and her smile, her tempermant and he can tell she's doing great. He asks questions like, "is she happy? What do you guys think, you know her best, any concerns?" We were blessed to have this man looking out for our girl. 

And after was play time at the park with our warrior friends from the NICU (and a couple extras). The one great thing that came from the LOOOOOOONG stay in the NICU was these families. So fun to watch them all play and carry on in the park together. And by "play together" I mean all the kids running in ALL directions at ALL times ALL day. Except for when my kids napped, which was amazing. Mommy and daddy got to have coffee and visit. 

Love these kiddos so VERY much!!!! xo


Have a great day!!