Spring, Family and Perfect Piggy Tails

We are welcoming spring with open arms. If I could I would hug it. For those that have been reading a while you know that I have a serious love affair with Fall. I love it. All of it. The colours, the leaves, the weather, the apples - it's all so warm and cozy. This year, I am finding a particular space for Spring in my heart. The newness, the vulnerability, the pastels, the smell of the thawing ground, the warm sunshine that seems to warm our freezing cold bones. These magnolia trees are what's changing me.


The girls are finally starting to feel like themselves again, lots of smiling, running and dancing. Oh the dancing - ALWAYS!!!

Hazel is finally starting to sleep at night again after a really rough virus that lasted forever. Poor girl! She has really been starting to try more gross motor activities that she really wasn't all that comfortable with in the fall. She's enjoying the tricycle, going up and down the slide all by herself, going down the stairs (up not so much, there's nothing in it for her in the end), stepping up over curbs. Overall, just trying to be a little more independent which of course is a double edged sword. I am proud of her for growing up but also sad that she's not a baby anymore. But mostly PROUD! She is starting to communicate more effectively when she feels like it (yes only when she feels like it…sigh). The whining nearly did me in when she was sick but she seems to have turned a corner and is able to effectively tell me what she wants. Don't misunderstand, we still struggle, but it's improving and really that's all I need to have hope that she will get there one day soon.

I'm not really sure when she started to look like a big girl...

Let's just say we use a lot of outfits these days. Both girls need a new one when they are done outside every time.

Nola is teething like a boss but she doesn't seem to be bothered by it most of the time. She's a great sleeper (which I literally never thought would happen after what she put us through about a year ago - YIKES) and she is growing like a weed. Nola's vocabulary grows by the day. She is a great communicator and I appreciate her for that more than I can say. Her whole life revolves around Hazel, so not much has changed there. She seems to be going though a rock and roll phase of music at the moment. She could spend every waking moment of her life outside. She loves it. She walks, goes on the tricycle, rides in her car, plays in the dirt, goes down the slide and BUBBLES!!!! She must do it herself at all times. My favorite thing right now is her piggy tails. They are the perfect length to give just the right height. The hair falls perfectly into place to ensure the absolute cutest face a human being could have (in my opinion).

She's been asking me to take her picture and then she looks at me like this and demands to see the "peekoooooo" right after. When she sees it she says "Hazel" - OY!

As a family we are still fighting the good fight for the JMCC preschool. It's a long process and we are at a bit of a stand still at the moment. My heart and soul are so deeply invested in this cause I can't begin to express it is words. Hopeful is all I can be right now.

We have been spending warm afternoons and evenings with family. I feel so lucky to watch these kids grow together. Their relationships are evolving, changing and unique to each individual. It's amazing to watch.

Here's the part where you may feel the need to fight being a #hater. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams to have been given the opportunity to travel a lot this month. We are taking the kids to PV, Mexico. Shortly after we return from there, Matt and I are headed to Hawaii. I told you #hatersgunnahate. I may not be blogging much in the near future but I will be in and out. I will share pics of both trips and of course be flooding IG with daily moments as well.

Hope May treats you all well. Much gratitude.