A Late Mother's Day

I know it's loooooooong gone but we were away. Bare with me, I still have to post a couple pics. What kind of mother or daughter or daughter in law would I be if I let it go unannounced here. 

I always want to make sure and say Happy Mother's Day and celebrate so big because there were too many that passed me by where I thought I would never be a mommy. I want to celebrate the mothers in my life that set such a positive example for me to follow and support me unconditionally in this crazy life that is ours. Without them therapy bills would be at an all time high, stress would be above what is considered the "healthy/motivating" limit and my own mothering to my girls would certainly suffer. I do not take for granted the love and support that comes my way every single day by all the moms in my life, even if it's a friend talking another friend off the ledge (no need to say who's the "talker" and whose the "ledge jumper" - it doesn't help or hurt the story). Much love to you all!

I also always want to make sure to send love to those of you who have an empty space in your soul and are waiting (maybe some of you for a long time) for your little babe to join you. I think of you all often. I put positive energy and vibes into the universe for you and I have complete faith that everything will work out just as it is supposed to for you. We are all called in this life, we are all given exactly what we need and fulfillment will be provided to each and every one of us. I send you peace and love on Mother's Day every single year.

To my little loves…I thank the good Lord above for you every single day (even when you are the naughtiest). I love you more than anything can love anything in the world. You make me crazy and content all at the same time. You allow me to try my hat and experiment at this thing called "mothering" and although I think you are quite brave for choosing me, I am honored to be given the chance to learn how to raise you. You are by far the best thing I've ever done, you are my favorite and most rewarding job. And if you turn out like failures I can always blame your father (so there's that - #noonewouldbelieveme) Most important YOU ARE MINE!!! NO TRADSIES!!!!

We made sure to celebrate this special lady before we left. She deserves to be pampered for all she does for us. She is one lady that truly sees with her heart and not her eyes. Watching her love her 5 girls you can tell nothing in this world makes her more proud or is more beautiful than them in that moment.

A Mother's Day that will forever be remembered with my mama and my babies in a very special place. 

And a very Happy Birthday to dear Mim. Sorry we missed it but we found a way to celebrate your life anyway even if it was a little late. Clearly my kid can't be trusted with cake...