PV, Mexico 2015

Mexico was very kind to us. The villa totally outdid itself and the staff were the most generous hosts we could have experienced. The views were absolutely exceptional, the pool was such a peaceful and fun place to relax. 

We spent most of our days staying in, lounging around, running after the kids who were in heaven with all the open space to play and explore. That sometimes ended in laughs, tears, temper tantrums and mommy throwing her hands up in frustration. Pretty much the same thing that happens at home, but with an amazing bartender, Mario. Who Nola decided she would call Thomas for the first 5 days. Then I realized that she calls everyone she doesn't know either Thomas or just Tom. Not sure how she knew Tom was the short version but she's somehow figured that out. Did I mention Mario, the bartender/waitor/amazing person. I can't even begin to explain the genius that he is where making drinks is concerned. No one in the history of slinging drinks will ever be worthy of his skills. I am salivating and it's way to early to be salivating about alcohol. I am not going to make eye contact with these pictures. Moving along...

I could try to describe this villa and the most perfect location on the side of a mountain that it sat but I truly could not do it any justice. The pictures may give an idea but really the true beauty is being consumed by the place. By actually standing there and allowing it to surround every inch of you. Looking out of every window and seeing the tops of trees at different levels, birds flying over head and in the distance the never disappointing view of the ocean. The ocean something that never lies. It's always there with it's intensity, magnitude and promise of consistent beauty. Looking out on the water wondering what is going on beneath the surface? There's always an element of mysteriousness that intrigues me and pulls me in. What exactly is going on under that surface. So much beauty and color. So much life and growth. Incredible.

One of the best parts of the trip was the food. We all enjoyed the wonderful meals prepared by the chef. She was very committed to preparing us meals that were authentic to mexican cuisine. Fresh pico, guac and salsa every single day. Served with tortilla chips and fruit. Fresh magus pulled from the trees down the road. All made from scratch with her own 2 hands. I often saw a mortar and pestle on the counter or heard the blender blending. Pots were banging and smells were wafting all day, everyday. We had everything you can imagine. Homemade tortillas for tacos and sopes. When I say tacos I mean fish, pork, beef, chicken - delicious! 

The cutest chef I've ever seen, Sochil, and Mario.

It was really nice to spend a whole week with Grandpa and Nonna.


We did venture away from the serenity of the villa to go into downtown PV. Such a beautifully landscaped walk all the way alongside the ocean. Jammed with, and I mean bulging, with shops and restaurants every step you took. The girls were a bit testy, well Nola was. Hazel was perfectly content to go with the flow. Hazel was ready to nap in her stroller and chill out and Nola kept making sure that it would be impossible while also trying to convince Hazel to join her in her efforts to break free from the confines of the stroller. First she succeeded at winning Hazel over, and they joined forces. They were both complaining and trying to get out of the stroller. Followed by her second win - us letting her out. Basically, Nola=win; Mommy=FAIL!!!


BUUUUUUT eventually they both lost and fell asleep and we all enjoyed happy hour in peace and quiet looking out over the beautiful ocean. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Mommy=WIN!!!!! #shhhhhdonttellthem


And that's all for now. But you know in true Chasing Hazel fashion I will post more soon. I have some pics from my Canon (all these pics are iPhone) to share and I also would like to share a little about the plane ride experience. That should be an interesting read. 

Talk soon!!