Provincial Involvement So Far

We had a meeting Friday with Andrea Horwath, the leader of the NDPs. She was accompanied by our local MPP representatives, Lisa Gretsky and Percy Hatfield. All the families in our advocacy group were present, some of the staff/board members of the JMCC, and the manager from the JMCC Preschool. Oh YES - plus our kids!! Let me just say it was a full house. A full - BEAUTIFUL - house. The kids were a constant buzz in the background making sure the room felt cozy and warm. And why shouldn't they be there to represent? They are the reason we are doing all this. They give me the motivation to carry on and the inspiration to know that our goals are attainable.


The political team were kind enough to make time to walk through the center and see exactly what a gem it is. They got to meet several of the children enrolled in the program and observe the teachers and staff as they conducted business as usual. For them, business as usual is making sure all their students are reaching their full potential. They really got a first hand understanding of just how specialized the program is.

In the discussion we learned that they were very supportive of doing everything they can from their level to try and get the program what it needs to keep the doors open. We spent time picking their brains for strategy ideas and options, which they were very happy to share. It's a blessing to get advice from professionals who are so well versed in the political aspect of things. I mean, when you are a parent, everything is guns blazing ALL THE TIME (for me anyway).

I won't bore you with any more details but know that I felt supported, loved and understood. Let's just hope that those feelings can be translated into concrete means that will help to give these sweet children and families a place that they know is laying a strong foundation to build upon in the years to come. I know for me, and this sweet thing here, there is NOTHING I wouldn't do to ensure she gets the best chance she can possibly have starting at the very beginning.



I have a feeling The Windsor Star will be reporting more about Andrea Horwath's visit to the JMCC preschool this week. Click here to see a video of Horwath speaking about her visit to the JMCC preschool.

Please stay tuned for more info. The media is carrying this story and covering it from every angle. There have been a few articles on The community has grabbed a hold of this so tightly that I am sure there is no turning back now. For a mom who has a child in the program and would really like to see her continue, I can't say thank you enough to those of who who are taking the time to advocate for the JMCC.