Media Coverage - JMCC Preschool Program

Our heads are spinning. There has been more than a lot of buzz in the media this week regarding the possible closure of the JMCC preschool program. The only place in this city that offers a comprehensive environment which assists children and families that require the different and special needs of their children to be met. My original post shares much more info about the program. You can read it here. I am going to try and keep track of all the media happenings and list them here so that you have one place to come and look to see everything that is happening. I will do my best. If you see that I forgot something, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will include it. Thanks!!!


There has been so many people who have commented, shared, and just continue to spread the word for this amazing cause. What has really struck a cord with me and what became so obvious immediately, was the personal nature of this issue. So many people in this city have had a relationship in some way with this center. Their children attended, their family members, students, teachers, husbands, wives, the interactions are endless. As I read all the comments and learn how people are reacting to this terrible news, I am fueled with their support and experiences to to carry on fighting for this program. For us this has been going on for years. It is so nice to have finally been able to gain community support... 

To WATCH you alL be warriors for the cause!!! 

Here is what has been going on in the media:

Hazel and Matt were on CTV news talking a little bit about how important the preschool has been for us. So obvi, this is my favorite media event that happened. Click here to view.

One of the other parents that are in the advocacy group for the JMCC, Vince, shared an extremely heartfelt and personal account of his son, Connor's experience attending the preschool. Start watching this CBC news video at about 36 min. I tried to attach video here, but the file is too large. Click here to view. 

An interview on AM 800 with Yelena Payne, one of the city's administration: I cannot find the link. If you can please let me know. I will post.

Lisa Gretsky the MPP for Windsor West has spoken out to the Ministry of Education about the issue. Included in this article is her open letter to the Ministry of Education. Click here to read both.

The Windsor Star did an article on the women who started the petition, Brianne. To read it click here. To sign petition click here.


Please keep me updated. Feel free to share your experiences with me here or through e-mail. If you have questions, please ask. I keep our Chasing Hazel Facebook page updated on the regular so go there - Like the page and follow along as we unite to try and gain what our children with special needs so desparately need.

The saying goes…"TOGETHER we can move mountains…" Let's do this!!!