IG Dump & Giveaway Winners

I haven't done an IG post in such a long time. I miss them… 

Here are a few things that have been bringing us joy lately:

1. Park visits that cause a major procrastination in household chores. When the sun is shining and my children's only goal in life is to be swinging, well then swing it is #purejoy

2. Advocating. It's exhausting at times but it feels right. Spending time and energy for the JMCC preschool seems a worthy cause to fight for. Onward...

3. Always and forever enjoying watching Nola think she is the coolest at all times. Also, she thinks I'm an asshole which is a while other element I enjoy. 

4. Dance PARTIES!!!!! Always. Sometimes it's Hozier and sometimes it's John Melloncamp, but it's guaranteed always funny.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you're enjoying these days. Why should you get to keep your joy all to yourselves? BAHAHAHAHA!!!! 


I'm very excited to announce the winners of the book giveaway!!!!  

I really hope you all enjoy the book as much as I do. Such a beautiful, emotional story. Motherhood Unexpected is still on sale on Amazon so please head over and buy your copy today is you did not win.


Congrats to Erin and Cheryl who claim the 2 hardcover novels and to Heidi who gets the e-copy. Please email me TODAY the address where you would like me to send the book.

Thanks so much for entering!!!!!