So Easter is so far in the rearview at this point but I am going to share anyway. Lot's of pics to share. The kids were really sick all through the occasion so the volatility meter was at an ALL TIME HIGH - for everyone. Sleepless nights, chores around the house backing up (and still are), and just virus after virus for everyone. Pile all that on top of eating "chocy" for breakfast and well - DISASTER was imminent.

I really tried hard to embrace the very specific way that Easter just settles itself into your heart and home. The significance is so great on many levels. It's a spiritual reminder that we are loved and that we belong to something greater than ourselves. It's a new beginning. The weather starts to change. Colour starts to emerge. I have to admit this last one has been my favorite this year. I have found so much comfort in embracing the colours. The MEH beige of the end of winter was just about to do me in. Seeing the pretty little buds on the flowers and the colorful baskets for the kids, instantly put a smile on my face.

The baskets I always try to keep very simple, easy and minimal. I don't always succeed but the attempt is there, that's gotta count for something. It's so nice to have an excuse to see my kids get outdoor toys. Them both having winter birthdays makes outdoor toys nearly impossible to find. And when you do they could care less. It's not like they can play with them for 6 months…UGH!!!!

Nola was not pleased that she got an inflatable beach ball. How dare we? #assholeparents

Yeah..I didn't do the dress photos before the big day so this is as good as it gets. For some reason I love it like this. Sort of an hommage to the state of spirits around the house for this blessed holiday season. #ifthisviruswasadudeidpunchhimsohard

Obligatory bunny ears headband. Nice job Nola #nailedit

Just when I think they can't get any better together...

So darn cute with cousin Lilly...

Stunning pic. Thanks Auntie Paula!!!

It's a pleasure getting to have special occasions with Tiff from Vita Photography. If you haven't given her a call yet, you really should. She just has this special way of snapping moments just like they are happening. For me, that's the best way to remember them. 

my kids 1st Easter Egg HUNT Together!!!! 

As soon as Nola figured out there was "chocy" in the plastic eggs, she stopped. So I think she found a total of 1 egg. Hazel coulnd't be bothered doing anything she felt was slowing her down or might be construed as her following any sort of direction soooooooooo, Owen and Monroe got to find all the eggs. Everyone wins!!!


Oh for heavens sake - I know it's late but I really do hope you enjoyed your Easter. Hazel's face here is an Easter miracle. Just sayin'