Meet Deanna Smith - This is the book she wrote...

A while back I started following a very sweet mama, Deanna and her family on IG. At the time she had 2 kids. Addison, who has been blessed with a little something extra and Carter, her sweet little brother. Shortly after I started following her she became pregnant with her 3rd child. Another little boy, Eli. 

I found myself immediately invested in this family. Every time I see sweet Addison's face in my feed, I cannot help but smile along with her. When she smiles. like really smiles, it starts from the bottom of her chin, stretches up to her hairline and raises her perfect little ears. It's pure joy. Deanna has such a witty, funny and heck, I would even say wise, way of sharing her life and her children with us through social media. I find myself nodding along, smiling and laughing. For example, when you check in on her feed you might see her children trying to be helpful by pouring their own cereal. Which will undoubtedly result in the entire contents of the box being emptied on the floor, probably crushed into dust under their tiny feet. But there they will be, all together - united they stand - with big smiles on their faces and bowls in there hands. I DIE!!!!!! I mean, I don't know if this exact thing has happened but you get my point. Also, it doesn't hurt that she lives in a beautiful, peaceful spot. 

OK so the point...


A great book that is very relevant, raw and emotional. A book that is so deeply rooted in human emotional struggle you can't help but empathize with the characters.

This book navigates through the emotional journey of becoming a mother and how often it's almost never what we had imagined. It carries you through the emotional heartbreak of your faith and prayers not being answered. It is heavily themed in grief, faith, healing and ultimately, love. This book is a must read for anyone out there who wants to experience the incredibly challenging and life changing decisions that motherhood can so often put you in. 

It's called Motherhood Unexpected.

AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU ONE!!!!!! WOOT!!!! And so does Deanna

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As a mother of a child with Down syndrome, I felt myself tearing up as the story unfolded, almost like living through the experience again.  Feeling the frustration of having to live through people's reactions, worrying about the health of a newborn and trying to get a grip on what the new reality looked like. 

Overall, an excellent read for anybody who wants to get a deeper appreciation for having a child that you really were not expecting. Please give it a read.

The best part is…IT'S ON SALE THIS WEEK!!!! 

$0.99 for the Kindle Version (down from $5.99)
$7.99 for the Paperback version (down from $14.99)


You DO NOT need an actual "Kindle" to purchase the Kindle version for $0.99. There is a FREE KINDLE APP for an iPad you can use as well. 


Here is what the author, Deanna Smith has to say:

Please help me share Motherhood Unexpected to reach those who perhaps are asking these same questions:

"Can God still be good? This isn't what I deserve! Why would God do this to me?"

as they grapple with the unexpected nature of motherhood and life in general.

Whether a birth plan gone wrong, a diagnosis, a loss, or even just a personality that you don't know how to teach....God's goodness never waivers.

I can't do this without your help.

I hate to ask for help, and I am very shy about doing so. But if anything, this whole process of publishing a novel as taught me that this isn't about ME and my own insecurities. The things the Lord has taught me....the words He gave me to write...this is all so much not about me. And so I can ask with confidence: PLEASE help me share Motherhood Unexpected. Let's get the word out there. Let's SHOUT about God's goodness.

You can read more about Deanna and her fabulously sweet children on her blog, Everything and Nothing from Essex.

Come on Chasing Hazel family!!!! Let's show Deanna some good ol' fashion "Chasing Hazel" LOVE. Go buy her book!!!!


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