Cooked Series - A Local Web-based TV Show


Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

On a little bit of a side note. My little brother is an actor in this web-based TV series (he's 2nd from the left). They are almost ready to keep production going but need a little money to keep going. Have a look and see if this is something you would like to help support. 

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Here is what "Cooked" is all about. This was given to me by my brother and is NOT my own words.

They're not just friends and coworkers ... they're a family. Follow the life of Dave Mason (Shaun Mazoka) and his rowdy group of friends in this fun, edgy comedy-drama web-series. Cooked is about a disorderly bunch, working together in a local pub and dealing with chaos, conflicts and confrontations after work hours. This show will be the hottest thing cooking in 2015.
We filmed a 40-minute pilot and four 22-minute episodes, but we need your help to put the finishing touches to them and kick-start us into the next season. That includes paying the editor for the long hours he's put into the show, colour composition, composing music, audio production, marketing and pre-production for upcoming episodes. Our goal we set out is the bare-minimum. But the more you give, the farther we can go. Anything over $25,000 will go into making new episodes for the world to enjoy.
We filmed a show on a very tight budget but with a talented cast and a professional crew. We tell people, "imagine what we can do with a bigger budget?" Cooked is unique, fun, wacky, outrageous, vulgar and an adventure. Every character has their own story, they have room to grow and we want the viewer to follow their journey with continuous seasons to come.
You'll laugh and you'll cry. You'll love and you'll hate.
And here is the link: