Where Have We Been?

WHERE HAVE WE BEEN???? I'll tell you where. Here!!! Inside our house, wiping butts and cleaning up after sick kids. THAT'S WHERE!!!!! Not really the ideal blogging conditions at the moment. The kids have literally been sick off and on since the middle of February. BLAH!!!!

Between the parent advocacy meetings and the sick kids, and laundry, LOTS AND LOTS of laundry (I always get tired watching Matt do the laundry). I am spent. It's been a looooooooong time since I've taken out the Canon. I really hope it forgives me. 

What did happen in the last few months was that Hazel got a "big girl" bed. And now it's Nola's favorite place to play. Well, Hazel's too but mostly Nola's. They have spent hours in there playing on the bed. They read books, do silly things with clothes, they sit in front of the mirror, they laugh and run and jump. It's PURE JOY. I watch them on the video monitor rolling on each other - let's be honest, Nola steam rolls Hazel - never the other way around. I listen to them laugh so hard. Again, Nola is always the instigator. 

They are my favorite.


Lots of little moments like these…



We did manage to get to the cottage for the day. Nola was happy as long as death was imminent. You know, she's always just testing the limits of every situation. And of course, I am the worst mother ever cause I don't let her have any fun EVER.


Hoping to have some bright, cheery, colorful, springy, happy, NOT SICK posts to share with you soon.