The Year I Wrapped the Presents Too Tight

We call it Christmas of 2015.

I am pretty sure it was here. My waist line is a slight reminder that there was in fact, some excellent meals that were shared with those we love. I am almost 100% positive Santa just made a special delivery and dropped it under our tree for the girls to enjoy. If I remember correctly, I made sure we were ready ahead of time with neatly wrapped presents, the equal amount for both girls. Sticking to the tradition of something you WEAR, READ, WANT, NEED. And then of course, whatever Santa decided to bring. Which I have to say was just the right amount. Good lookin' out Santa!!! So for those reasons, I am sure Christmas was here.

With the house reno going on over the holidays, it was extremely difficult to get as festive and relaxed as we would have liked. We managed to put it on hold long enough to have some really lovely visits with family and friends. The kids stayed relatively healthy this year over the holidays, which was a huge blessing and not something we are used to around here. So come Christmas morning we were all in perfect condition to really enjoy the time together.

The girls being a bit on the young side still meant that they really had no idea what it meant when we told them Santa was coming in the morning to bring them presents. We opened our "night before Christmas PJs" and went to sleep (at midnight). Turns out, they really didn't need any knowledge of his arrival, they saw the tree, with the perfectly wrapped presents under it and they were excited. So FUN!!!! It was perfect.

Nola rushed over to the tree and started to look around and play with the toys that happened to be unwrapped. That Santa, he's a smart one! Hazel followed very quietly behind and waited to be handed a new toy.

The girls started with their stockings. Hazel found the 2 wands in there and that was it. She was happy. Off she went to reenact her favourite movies, sing songs and hum to herself (loudly). So basically Nola got to open all the presents for both of them all by herself. A special gift that she was very excited about - Until she started trying to unwrap and quickly got frustrated with the amount of tape that was used on each package. I do remember a grunt and a slap to one of the gifts. Matt was promptly nominated the assistant to the present opener (Nola) for the rest of the morning. OK - so I am not as smart as Santa who leaves his presents UNWRAPPED - I get it. TOO MUCH TAPE!!! You try to make everything perfect and the tape gets in the way. Sigh...The best laid plans...

Once the presents were all opened and displayed, Hazel decided to make her rounds and check out each new toy. Sitting for a moment or two with each one checking them out and assessing their worth. The play session briefly interrupted by a raging Nola, but we quickly remedied that situation by feeding her. How dare she want to eat on such an occasion. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. There's nothing, in the world, better than this breakfast, on this morning. For the maximum dining experience, eating it while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation really steps it up a notch.

In my opinion, we know how to do Christmas morning.


I really hope you all enjoyed your holiday season. It comes and it goes so quickly but what a magical time it is. I enjoyed putting everything on hold for a while (a couple of days) and being with the people we love (having dinner cooked for us every night). HAHA!!! #nobutseriously Escaping to lots of warm hugs, delicous meals and full glasses made the season bright.

A couple of things:

1. Matchy Matchy Pjs make me very happy...

2. Nola and Hazel rocking out to Adele "Hello" (mostly Nola) is enough to make even the Grinchiest (word? spelling??) person smile...

3. Pretty sister pics while all dressed up, sitting at a piano almost like we are civilized MUST be in black & white.

Now that the Holiday is past we are back at the house reno in full swing (and actually during most of the holiday). It seems that I have replaced my mop and pail for a paint brush that is now perfectly molded to my hand. We are loving the outcome so far. Making our home a little more "our home" is always a satisfying feeling. Feeling very grateful to have been able to make more memories and share special moments with my people.

Peace & Gratitude