Settling in...

As a side note before we begin, I have been writing this post for at least 2 weeks.

It appears that somehow, someway it is time to settle in for winter. I am not quite sure how this keeps happening. I am really trying to master the art of not blinking, in hopes that if I do the time will actually have to stop. I have tried making my kids stop getting older and from growing, but I feel like to be really effective on the not growing part I would have to stop feeding them and that might result in getting them taken from me altogether so that seems not a viable option. Anyway, the kids are huge, I no longer have any babies and it's time to settle in and embrace the fact that the cold is coming.

Christmas prep is well underway. I really like to try to be done all my shopping by December. It's certainly a lofty goal but I get really close every year. I am not a fight crowds type of person. Actually, let me come right out and be honest:


I hate it especially at Christmas. Driving to the shops stresses me out, people are crazy. Everyone's all in a rush, and angry and rushy. UGH. I can't!!! It really doesn't leave a person feeling full of peace, joy and good tidings. Ya feel me? Rant over. So getting it done ahead of time is just good planning in terms of sanity.

Christmas has really never been my favourite time of year. I feel like everyone is always stressed out feeling the constant need to buy gifts which, to me is the opposite of what it's all about. It is supposed to be a time of peace, togetherness and gratitude. Most of the time people feel pulled in so many directions that it's difficult to be present and just enjoy and appreciate what we have. Until I had kids.

There's just something about a kid at Christmas. They are the perfect antidote to losing that magical Christmas spirit. The way they look at everything with wonder like everything is full of magic - like if they touch it magical shooting stars may start circling and that inanimate object might just come alive. It's like they know, even before they know, that something grand is coming. They remind me what this season is really all about and help me to stay focused on what is indeed important at this time of year:

Family - togetherness - peace - love - gratitude

and MAGIC, let us never forget the magic


We have watched the first hour of this movie about 10 times in the last 2 weeks. I always stop and get sucked in or at the very least fight the extreme urge to sit and watch with them every time. The 'Hills Are Alive' is a definite front runner, with requests for the song again about 10 times in a row until I finally have to stop and let the rest of the movie play. Julie Andrews is the absolute best EVER!!!!

As another side note: This is a screenshot of my camera roll. I am literally knee deep in a kitchen reno and that is 100% the reason for my absence around here. Every spare second I have is planning, painting, working, buying, searching, pinteresting, and cleaning. It's exciting and MESSY!!!! But also, exciting.

Hoping you are all getting ready to settle in for a lovely Christmas season.