Peace Offering

Since it's pretty much going to be crickets chirping around here over the next month, I thought I would try to win you over with this peace offering. How can you be annoyed when you look at this face? Just try it, dare you!!!

We have so much going on around here at the moment.  A major house reno, Christmas prep and shopping (which is 85% done at this point - WOOT!!!!) and the day-to-day circus that is our lives. I really want to try to stay sane through all of this and I am finding it very difficult to sit down in front of the computer and write. That said, I am sure there will be pictures to be shared and that I will try to do, especially when the tree is up and decorated.

At the moment it looks like this (and has for about 3 days). All in due time my pretties...

Ok - if you're still annoyed that I won't be around - HERE!!!! Have this one too. Now I know you will forgive me. She's basically begging for your forgiveness in this pic.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!