Christmas Is Here

We have been crazy around here. Every spare second I have is literally spent on our kitchen renovation. Which, by the way, is coming along very nicely. However, I literally feel like my vacuum and mop are perfectly melded to my hand at this point. I have visited ALL the local home building and hardware stores so many times, I am sure they all run when they see me coming with my phone out and my Pinterest boards open.

Also, Christmas is, well - here!

Besides the house stuff happening, the general atmosphere around here has been centered around Kids Christmas Songs and The Sound Of Music on repeat. There has been almost ZERO cooking or baking of any kind, however, I did manage to bake cupcakes from a box yesterday (insert thumbs up emoji). I totally respect my kids for loving The Sound of Music and will forever be grateful to them for making my dreams of being a mom to girls come true this year. Also, the kids Christmas songs have made for some very interesting dance parties.

Moving into the shut it all down stage of the Holiday, I just wanted to make sure to take a second and wish you all a fabulous holiday season. I hope that in the midst of whatever chaotic stage your life is in that you find some time to rest and be present. And as always, I wish you PEACE. 

Merry Christmas from our crazy clan to yours!!!!!

Holiday sweater from Hip Little Babes - LOVE!!!

They are both actually saying "Merry Christmas" this morning...

Very sophisticated at our house...

Obligatory Santa visit. Met with some resistance but overall it was a success. Although, I will say I do enjoy the screaming baby thing that usually happens with Santa visits. and on that note...

Much love to you all!!!! Be safe, happy and healthy this season.