NDSAW #5 - Ruby's Rainbow

Have you heard of Ruby's Rainbow?

Ok well watch this video and then we can discuss:



Click link above if you are having trouble viewing the video :)

Ok so now you know how fantastic this organization is. Providing adults with Down syndrome scholarships and opportunities to go to college that may not have otherwise existed. In Liz's words, she feels she is providing them with an opportunity to "nourish their souls" I love everything about this.

The thought of Hazel finishing high school and having nothing else to look forward to or work towards is not an option in my mind. She WILL be a college student at one point in her life. All I can do as a parent is provide opportunities and open the doors. You will never hear me say that she "CAN'T" I am trying really hard to let her become the best person she can become. Sometimes that may be a little more difficult because society doesn't see her the way I do. Ruby's Rainbow is helping to change perspectives and expectations by giving individuals with Down syndrome an opportunity to attend college programs and become college grads.

The beauty of it all is that we GET to watch. We GET to see them succeed. We GET to be proud. And most importantly we GET to see change happen.

With every fist pumpin'-celebratory jumpin'-arm raisin'-tear sheddin' student that reads an acceptance letter or becomes a scholarship recipient the BAR IS RAISED.

People with Down syndrome are intelligent, capable, motivated and mostly EXCITED to be a part of the world. They know what they are up against and they go up against it anyway. They succeed and are grateful to have been given the opportunity. Let's try and make this the rule rather than the exception. Go to Ruby's Rainbow. See what you can do to help.

Thank you Liz who started Ruby's Rainbow. She is a charismatic woman who's heart is touching so many families.

Also, wanted to let you in on a little fundraiser going on where ALL proceeds are going towards Ruby's Rainbow:

Here is the website Reeve's Tee's that is hosting the fundraiser. Please check it out if you have a second. 

Thanks for you support everyone!!!!