Nola's 2

I was really struggling as Nola's birthday was approaching, then the day of AND then the days that followed. With Hazel, I remembering being so happy that she was getting older and more independent but with Nola, it's not the same feeling.

Here's the thing. She's my baby. Now that she 2, I no longer have a "baby." Like that phase is over. Sometimes I am just not cool with certain phases being over. Hazel throwing everything in sight. Yeah, that's a phase I will happy to see in the rear view (if it ever happens...sigh). Nola throwing her head back in fits of rage. Yeah - I'm pretty much over it. But the baby's being all grownzie, NOT COOL!!!


So Nola's 2. Just ask her, she'll tell you. Along with some other pretty off-color phrases. Her latest "peace out homey." A while back we picked her up from daycare and her teacher asked us if she swears. Our answer, "well she doesn't NOT swear" and "anything is possible with Nola" and "ummmmm, yes probably, we wouldn't put it past her." We are not the parents who try to make up excuses for naughty behaviour, we have kind of decided to just embrace it and admit defeat. Turns out she was actually not swearing and the word she was trying to say was "frog." Use your imagination as to what the word was they thought she was saying. Perfect!

Anyway, this story is pretty much the story of Nola's life. If you say or do something ONE TIME in front of her she's got it. If she sees it once, she's GOT IT. It doesn't give much room for error so in turn, she picks up some bad habits. That specific skill along with extreme stubbornness and determination can result in some pretty "trying" times. The other day she asked for my "te-phone." I said NO and for 2 hours she asked, cried and yelled at me for my "te-phone." Good times! She's nothing if not determined.

That being said she has a spark for life that is contagious. Every. Single. Day. She lights up our home with her laugh, her screams, her dancing and singing. She's like a little spark running around the house just waiting to ignite. Sometimes it's pure joy and sometimes it's extreme rage. I assure you the joy far outweighs the rage. I don't think I have ever gone more than 20 minutes not smiling at her (even if it's because she's being naughty). When we are out in public, every single person that sees her, smiles. It's like watching the sun slowly light up the sky, bit by bit, all things in its path become a little brighter. She leaves a trail of smiles and laughter in her wake.

Buying her gifts, or bringing her anywhere is the absolute best. She is excited about everything, all the time. Give her a cupcake - pure joy. Take her to the park - pure joy. Put her favourite song on (Adele "Hello" is the front runner now-a-days) - pure joy (she lips syncs the song like it's her job). She is just the kind of kid who is grateful for everyday. It's like she knows, already at this young age, that a new opportunity arises with the sun. I totally want to be like her when I grow up.

Here's the exact moment she turned 2. 11:02 am. She obviously had to be taking her temperature right at this very moment.

Tell me this is how your Happy Birthday routine looks at your houses...NO - just us??? Ok then.

Perfect example of how life is a series of full circle events and experiences....

These girls are going to share so many birthdays, life experiences, laughter, tears and support. Their love tops up my heart with peace and gratitude always.