Happy Halloween of 2015

So we did 2 costumes this year.

Why not?

One was for the daycare party and one was for Trick-or-Treat night. You're welcome daycare staff. Ain't nobody got time for elaborate costumes in a school setting with super young, volatile kids who probably changed their mind about what they wanted to be the morning they woke up. Or if you're like my kids and the slightest little bit of face paint is too much for them to JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! 

Guys, here you go!!!! Happy Freeeeeeeaking Friday!!! I double dog dare you not to smile right now. Don't do it! No smiling!!!!


They are the best thing in LIFE. EVER!!!!!

Happy SAFE Halloween everyone!!! Stay tuned for pics of costume #2 next week - it's a killer (Cuteness-wise - not actual 'killer' obvi)