Happy Birthday Baby!

Today's the day. She's 3. I can't run and hide from it anymore. Just a quick note today, to acknowledge our sweet girl turning 3. Unbelievable!



How on earth has it been 3 years already?! How on earth did my girl go from a new born, to a baby, to a toddler, and now moving very close to "little girl" territory. I am so - oh, I don't even know - emotional? about this birthday.




It's just that it's so very difficult to look at her like she's grown. A challenge I think most mothers find impossible. When they are your baby, they are your baby for life.



We have celebrated with the families already. Pics will be posted soon enough. Hazel has really gotten into the spirit of her birthday this year. She liked the presents, the song, the candle. It is really quite cute to see how excited she got. The first birthday celebration we had, she came home and sang the song to herself a few more times before bed. I died!! Obvi.



So today we spend a quiet day with our girls, celebrating life, growth and change. The latter will be cried over first and then celebrated (maybe). I thank God every single night for my sweet family. They are my favourite.



This face. This girl. I could never EVER celebrate her as much as I love her. There is not enough confetti, balloons, cakes and party games to even compare to the amount of love I have for this amazingly stubborn little girl in my heart.



Happiest of birthdays Hazel! If I haven't made it clear I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!



Will be back soon with some more pics of her special celebrations. Those of you who have been around a while will be expecting a 2 or 3 part post for this special occasion. I can guarantee you there will be a sappy "how is my little girl 3 already?" post for sure.

Meet you back here soon.